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Thread: Sally

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    Re: Sally

    Quote Originally Posted by christy
    Has anyone read the children's book Blueberries For Sal?
    I love that book! :-)

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    Re: Sally

    I think by arbitrary selection, I'm able to see some nicknames as formal names, and others not. Sally was my first "favorite name" for whatever reason. I am linking it in time to my doll Betsy (I think Betsy Wetsie because I never would have just out of the blue come up with Betsy at the time). It was a long time until I was aware Sally was a nickname for Sarah, and I think went in fashion and out because Sarah is a solid classic, some eras just don't tolerate people going around without a zippy nickname to cover up your name or spice it up a bit and make it sound like you are not your blessed grandmother. I had similar feelings for Betsy - it just seems like an odd thing to call someone for no good reason. Elizabeth is a good reason.

    I also hear "Sally" as a man's name sometime, short for Salvatore usually, so I don't feel like it's a full name. I really like how it sounds, and boys aren't named Salvatore too often anymore, but it still sounds informal either way.

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    Re: Sally

    Sally is not my style. Though it is rather refreshing to see on a baby.

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