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    The Emmeline vs. Emily Dilemma

    I love BOTH the names Emily & Emmeline (& Emma) for that matter, but I would probably never choose Emily or Emma b/c those names are just too popular. Emmeline, on the other hand, doesn't even rank in the top 1000 in 2008.

    However, everyone here at Nameberry seems to be talking about Emmeline (variations Emeline, Emaline, Emmaline). (And dare I say the vast majority of us love this name.)

    Is the name Emmeline destined to jump up the ranks, and become another popular name (even if it never reaches the top 10)? (Or is Emmeline merely popular on this web site ... I know that one's perceptions of the popularity of names can be a bit skewed by hanging around this site, as the people who write on the Nameberry discussion boards are not necessarily a "representative" sample.)

    Are Emmeline and Emily too similar in sound? Is Emmeline perhaps appealing to us for the very reason of its similarity to Emily?

    Does the popularity of Emily/Emma detract from a name like Emmeline (e.g., by reducing its uniqueness)?

    How do you think Emmeline compares in feel/style/tone to Emily/Emma?

    All three names are likely to use Emmy as a nn. Does the overlapping nn add to the dilemma & confuse the names even more?

    I pronounce the final syllable of Emmeline with the same pronunciation as I would the word LINE (not as Lynn). Do Emmelines face a lot of pronunciation issues?

    Other thoughts?

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