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    - You have graduated from collage and have spent three years in your chosen profession. What are you, and what is your name?
    Jessica Rose – Event planenr

    - While at a conference for your chosen profession you meet a guy. What's his name?
    Nathaniel Frederick

    - You talk for a while and at by the end of the conference you have discovered that you both live in the same town. Which town?
    Boston, Massachusetts

    - You start to go out with this guy for about three years before he proposes. Where is the wedding? Honeymoon?
    House of Blues Boston/Paris, France

    - After you get back from your honeymoon you discover that you are pregnant with twin girls. You give them both a flower name for a first name, and the name of your mother and grandmother, respectively, as middles. What are their names?
    Rose Elizabeth (mother’s middle name) and Heather Claire

    - When your girls are one year old you find out that you are yet again pregnant, this time with a boy. You give him a name from mythology as a first, and your grandfather's name as a middle.
    Alexander Owen (grandfather’s middle)

    - After Son #1 is born you decide that you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of adopting a daughter from a foreign country. Where? You give your new a gemstone name for her first, and a virtue name for a middle.
    France/Ruby Hope

    - After you get to the country you find out that she had a two-year-old sister. Not willing to separate them, you adopt her as well. She already has a name from her country of origin. You give her your husband's sister's name as a middle.
    Gabrielle Justine

    - As a result of getting a job in another state, you move into the capital of that state. Which one?
    NYC, New York

    - To make it up to the kids (especially the twins because of school friends) you decide to get three cats. What are their names?
    Vera, Holly, and Wilson

    - Years later your beloved Daughter #1 decides to propose to her boyfriend of two years, Emerson. Not to be outdone, your second youngest proposes to her boyfriend, Callum, a few months later, on the same day Daughter #1 announces that she's pregnant with triplets! She gives them all names that start with E.
    Granddaughter #1: Emma Louise
    Grandson #1: Ethan Malachi
    Grandson #2: Everett Cole

    - A year and a half later Son #1 meets and marries a doctor. What's her name?
    Juliet Sage

    - Turns out that Daughter-in-Law #1 has a son (now Grandson # 3) from her first marriage. What's his name?
    Carter Miles

    - Meanwhile, Daughter #3 has given up on finding a husband and decides to focus on her chosen career. What is she?
    A resident nurse

    - Okay, so now Daughter #4 is 32, Daughters #1 and 2 are 31, and Daughter #3 and Son #1 are both 30. Granddaughter #1 and Grandsons #1 and 2 are all one and a half. Grandson #3 is five Daughter #3 has given up on men. And now, Daughter #4 is dating a Frenchman! Olivier Sebastian. They get married. Three years later they have twin girls.
    Granddaughter #2: Mirabelle Harlow
    Granddaughter #3: Colette Patricia

    - Sick of being outdone by her siblings, Daughter #3 is adopting a nine-year-old girl from England. Her name? Elizabeth Greer

    DH: Nathaniel Frederick
    DW: Jessica Rose

    DD: Rose Elizabeth
    - DH: Emerson
    o DD: Emma Louise
    o DS: Ethan Malachi
    o DS: Everett Cole
    DD: Heather Claire
    - DH: Callum
    DS: Alexander Owen
    - DW: Juliet Sage
    o DSS: Carter Miles
    ADD: Ruby Hope
    - ADD: Elizabeth Greer
    ADD: Gabrielle Justine
    - DH: Olivier Sebastian
    o DD: Mirabelle Harloq
    o DD: Colette Patricia

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