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    Re: Large Family Game

    You have graduated from collage and have spent three years in your chosen profession. What are you, and what is your name? Juniper Lucy Williams; Writer

    While at a conference for your chosen profession you meet a guy. What's his name? Samuel Alasdair Lausch

    You talk for a while and at by the end of the conference you have discovered that you both live in the same town. Which town? Sheboygan, Wisconsin

    You start to go out with this guy for about three years before he proposes. Where is the wedding? Minnesota
    Honeymoon? England & Italy

    After you get back from your honeymoon you discover that you are pregnant with twin girls. You give them both a flower name for a first name, and the name of your mother and grandmother, respectively, as middles. What are their names? Primrose Cherie Lausch (Rose) and Hyacinth Dorothy Lausch

    When your girls are one year old you find out that you are yet again pregnant, this time with a boy. You give him a name from mythology as a first, and your grandfather's name as a middle. Perseus Eugene Lausch (Percy)

    After Son #1 is born you decide that you want to fulfill your lifelong dream of adopting a daughter from a foreign country. Where? India

    You give your new daughter a gemstone name for her first, and a virtue name for a middle. Amethyst Love Lausch (Ammi)

    After you get to the country you find out that she had a two-year-old sister. Not willing to separate them, you adopt her as well. She already has a name from her country of origin. You give her your husband's sister's name as a middle. Anjali Tabitha Lausch (Angie)

    As a result of getting a job in another state, you move into the capital of that state. Which one? Salem, Oregon

    To make it up to the kids (especially the twins because of school friends) you decide to get three cats. What are their names? Bella, Loch Ness, Aravis

    Years later your beloved Daughter #1 decides to propose to her boyfriend of two years. (Hey, it's possible! :-)) What's his name? Aiden Walter Bertram

    Not to be outdone, your second youngest proposes to her boyfriend, Tyler James OReilly, a few months later, on the same day Daughter #1 announces that she's pregnant with triplets! She gives them all names that start with E.
    Granddaughter #1: Esmeralda Marie Bertram (Essie)
    Grandson #1: Edmond Christian Bertram (Eddie)
    Grandson #2: Elias Samuel Bertram (Eli)

    A year and a half later Son #1 meets and marries a doctor. What's her name? Aileen Cressida Carlson
    Turns out that Daughter-in-Law #1 has a son (now Grandson # 3) from her first marriage. What's his name? Christopher Dylan Carlson

    Meanwhile, Daughter #3 has given up on finding a husband and decides to focus on her chosen career. What is she? Astronomer

    Okay, so now Daughter #4 is 32, Daughters #1 and 2 are 31, and Daughter #3 and Son #1 are both 30. Granddaughter #1 and Grandsons #1 and 2 are all one and a half. Grandson #3 is... 6.

    Daughter #3 has given up on men. And now, Daughter #4 is dating a Frenchman! Name please? Aurlien Marcel Benoit
    They get married. Three years later they have twin girls.
    Granddaughter #2: Eponine Lilia Fleur Benoit (Eppie)
    Granddaughter #3: Melody Danique Eulalie Benoit (Mel)

    Sick of being outdone by her siblings, Daughter #3 is adopting a nine-year-old girl from England. Her name? Clementine Augusta Lausch (Clem)

    Four daughters, one son, four granddaughters, and three grandsons, plus you and your husband. Three cheers for family!
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