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    Re: What do you think of....

    Quote Originally Posted by dotsmom
    **Updated list::**

    *Adelaide and Charlotte - pretty
    Adelaide and Cordelia - I am nuts about Cordelia
    *Adelaide and Florence - pretty
    *Adelaide and Matilda - I am nuts about Matilda
    Amaryllis and Genevieve - don't like Amaryllis very much, love Genevieve like crazy
    *Annelise and Emmeline - love Annelise
    *Anneliese and Genevieve - love this spelling of Anneliese the most, love Genevieve
    Beatrix and Eleanor - so pretty
    Charlotte and Emmeline - love Charlotte
    *Clementine and Susannah - Adore this combo!
    *Cordelia and Matilda - too much d and l and a together.
    Eloise and Beatrix - love
    *Eloise and Matilda - love!
    Emmeline and Genevieve - you know how I feel about Genevieve
    *Felicity and Matilda - pretty
    *Harriet and Eleanor - Dottie, Hattie and Ella/Nora/Nellie - love
    *Harriet and Matilda - Dottie, Hattie and Tillie/Millie - Do you think Dottie and Hattie might be too similar?
    Jacqueline and Marguerite - love Jacqueline so much, but don't love Marguerite as much.
    Helena and Rosalind - Oh! So lovely!
    *Harriet and Thomasina - I wouldn't want my name to be Thomasina. It's a bit much.
    Lorelei and Annelise - pretty
    *Lucinda and Tabitha - I think Lucinda is very European, rich and deep, and Tabitha feels more stark and Puritan. I love both styles, but I'm not sure how much I love them together.
    Lucy and Sally – need longer names to nn these to.
    *Matilda and Tabitha - hmmm, I think I love this, but I need a little time to think about it. This combo is different which I like.
    Penelope and Rosemary - love
    Maeve and Evelyn - oh, you're killing me, this is just too pretty.


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    Re: What do you think of....

    [quote="dotsmom"]**Updated list::**

    *Adelaide and Charlotte- very pretty combo
    Adelaide and Cordelia- I mind the d sounds about repetitive especially because you also have Dorothy
    *Adelaide and Florence- two different styles
    *Adelaide and Matilda- different but they mesh well together
    Amaryllis and Genevieve- love Genevieve but am not particularly fond of Amaryllis
    *Annelise and Emmeline- LOVE Annelise but I don't think it rings well with Emmeline
    *Anneliese and Genevieve- love it!
    Beatrix and Eleanor- I think something peppery and modern like Beatrix would kind of shadow a more traditional Eleanor. If you changed Eleanor to Elinor, it would look better.
    Charlotte and Emmeline- Sorry but I'm not fond of Emmeline
    *Clementine and Susannah- LOVE Clementine but when paired with Susannah, it's a bit of a mouthful
    *Cordelia and Matilda- Matilda sounds softer and more graceful than Cordelia to me
    Eloise and Beatrix- See Beatrix and Eleanor
    *Eloise and Matilda- a bit of an odd ring but with the right nns, it could be really pretty
    Emmeline and Genevieve- too much of a mouthful
    *Felicity and Matilda- don't really like Felicity
    *Harriet and Eleanor - Dottie, Hattie and Ella/Nora/Nellie- don't like Hattie very much but the Eleanor nns are all extremely pretty and fresh
    *Harriet and Matilda - Dottie, Hattie and Tillie/Millie- don't like Hattie
    Jacqueline and Marguerite- I think you would get tired of these names together after a few years.
    Helena and Rosalind- a classical combo with good flow
    *Harriet and Thomasina- Don't care for either name very much
    Lorelei and Annelise- this I LOVE
    *Lucinda and Tabitha- With the right nns, this could be beautiful
    Lucy and Sally – need longer names to nn these to.- Sally isn't one of my favorite nns
    *Matilda and Tabitha- very nice
    Penelope and Rosemary- I LOVE this one
    Maeve and Evelyn- LOVE Evelyn but don't like Maeve as much

    Evangeline- with the proper nn it could work
    Liselotte- don't like this name much
    Octavia- same as above
    Esmeralda- I love it but what nn were you thinking?
    Seraphine- I'm not sure with this one

    Hope I Helped=)

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