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    Your boyfriend of four years finally proposes to you on your twenty-fifth birthday.
    What's your name?
    Spencer Caroline Welsh

    What's his?
    John William Scott

    How does he propose?
    When on a vaction he proposes in a garden by the beach.

    On February 19th, you marry him.

    Where does your wedding take place?
    On a beach.

    Your honeymoon is cut off from the immediate plans when your new husband suddenly gets a great job offer in Pennsylvania. Suddenly busy with move, you neglect your honeymoon only to find out that once you're finally ready to go on your honeymoon, you're pregnant.

    Nine months later, a little girl is born. Her initials are the same as yours.
    What's Daughter #1's name?
    Samantha Cameron Scott

    When Sam is one, you and your husband finally go on your belated honeymoon, leaving her with your mother for the week.
    Where do you go for your honeymoon?

    A little boy is conceived there and when he is born, you give him a first name coming from the country of your honeymoon.
    Xavier Jason Scott

    When Daughter #1 is four and Son #2 two, you become pregnant with boy/girl twins.
    Son #2's initials are A.B and Daughter #2's initials are C.D
    What are your twins' names?
    Alaric Brandon Scott & Clementine Dana Scott

    The Christmas your twins are 1, Xavi is three and Sam is five, you adopt a four-year old boy.
    Where did you adopt him from?
    South Africa

    His first name was already given and was from his native country but he had no middle name. You give your father's name as his middle name.
    Zola John Scott

    Quite content with your five children, your life than proceeds at a relaxing, enjoyable rate as you watch your children get older. Suddenly, out of the blue, when Sam is twelve, Xavi ten, Clementine and Alaric eight and Zola (the adopted boy) is eleven, you miraculously find out that you're pregnant once more.
    A perfectly healthy, beautiful baby girl is born on Christmas day. You give her a nature name as a first name and a saint name as a middle name due to her odd birthdate.

    Her name is?
    Luna Winter Marie Scott

    Years later, Sam and Clementine have twin weddings. Samantha marries a wealthy banker.
    His name is?
    Richard Alexander Rogers

    Clementine marries his brother, a successful T.V. anchor.
    His name is?
    Henry Blake Rogers

    Extremely happy that your two eldest daughters married so well and are so joyous, the arrival of your first grandchild serves only to brighten up your mood.
    On the 1st of April, Samantha gives birth to a perfect baby boy. She names him affectionately after your husband, her father. His middle name is completely up to you.
    What is Grandson #1's name?
    John Alexander Rogers

    Not to be out-bested by her elder sister, Clementine has twins a few months later: two girls.
    The first's initials are N.O and the second's is O.N
    What is Granddaughter #1's name?
    Nola Olive Rogers

    What is Granddaughter #2's name?
    Olga Neve Rogers

    After awhile, your eldest son marries a beautiful rising actress.
    Her name is?
    Candice Ellen Ruiz

    Meanwhile, Aleric and Zola both have serious girlfriends. Your youngest, Luna, remains single but undoubtedly happy playing her role as a doting aunt to her two nieces and nephew.

    The day Sam announces that she is once again pregnant is the day Zola proposes to his French girlfriend.
    Son #3's fiancee's name is?
    Marguerite Blanche

    Conviently, a week after Zola marries, Samantha gives birth to another boy. Though born a whole month early, the baby boy is born healthy and vibrantly alive. His relieved mother and father give him a name meaning life.
    Grandson #2's name is?
    Vital Zoltan Rogers

    Now feeling a little left out of things, Alaric proposes to his girlfriend and they marry three months later.
    Her name is?
    Rachel Vivian Dunn

    Now, the only one left out of the marriage loop is your beloved youngest. However, Luna3 has her own surprise up her sleeve. She confides in having dated a man who has four-year-old son from a previous marriage for two years.
    Her boyfriend's name is?
    Michael Joshua Shaw

    Her boyfriend's son's name is?
    Jacob Gregory Shaw

    A whole year later brings about a third child (this time a boy) for Clementine and a first child for Zola.

    In addition, Luna marries her boyfriend with the child Jake.

    Clementine's son has the first name of a famous country singer and the middle name of his father, Clem's husband.
    Grandson #4's name is?
    Keith Henry Rogers

    Zola and his wife Margot have a baby girl a week after. Her name is a flower name.
    What is Granddaughter #3's name?
    Camellia Fleur Scott

    With all your six children happily married and seven grandchildren, you and your husband can't have been happier on how to life was going.
    More joy arrives on Christmas day when Alaric announces to incredulous surprise that his wife and him are expecting triplets!
    They have two girls and a boy. The triplet's first names all start with a S.
    Granddaughter #4's name is?
    Savannah Leigh Scott

    Granddaughter #5's name is?
    Sienna Lucille Scott

    Grandson #5's name is?
    Spencer Louis Scott

    After months of trying, your eldest child, Samantha, finally informs you that she is pregnant. And finally, she has a girl!
    Daughter #1 gives her third child and first daughter your initials.
    Granddaughter #6's name is?
    Seraphina Catherine Rogers

    Your four oldest children firmly ascertain that they are done with having children but your youngest has only a now seven-year old stepson.
    Despite having been trying for over a year, she and her husband are forced to conclude that they cannot have a child. They don't bother asking the doctors for their opinions and instead, they adopt a baby girl and a baby boy, each from a different country. They give the two babies names coming from their native home.
    What country is Granddaughter #7 from?
    What's her name?
    Marina Elizabeth Shaw

    What country is Grandson #6 from?
    What's his name?
    Liam Seamus Shaw

    Just as the happy couple get home from the two countries the visited to adopt the children, a miracle occurs and she finds out that she is pregnant!
    Knowing that this is probably the last grandchild of her parents (you and your husband) and the last child of her five siblings, Luna names the baby boy that arrives on July 4th a classical, timeless name to end the second generation of your immediate family.
    Charles Benjamin Shaw.

    Cheers to a huge family!
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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