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    Re: so many gorgeous names.. so few babies..

    how about viola belle & emily skye?:)

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    Re: so many gorgeous names.. so few babies..

    Some lovely names!
    Rowena Skye - I don't really like Rowena, but the combination works very well.
    Viola Belle - I love this.
    Cassandra Grace - I love this one too.
    Emily Elaine I don't like the two Es together, but both the names are lovely
    Crista Kate - I am also not a great fan of Crista. It sounds less classical than your other choices, but I do like the family connection. Would you consider Cristabelle or Christine/a?
    Serenity Skye *loving this one, but too "out there"??* - I think using Serenity for a twin is problematic, because to "match" you then have to use another word name or virtue name and then it's too matchy. But I do really like a previous poster's suggestion of Serenity Kate.
    Katia Leigh - I love this, but have you thought of Katerina?
    Odessa/Contessa Marie - I prefer Odessa, but to me it's a bit Bond Girl

    Viola Belle is my favourite. I LOVED a pp's suggestion of Emily Skye with Viola Belle. They work beautifully together. My other top choice of combo from your names above is Cassandra Grace and Viola Belle. I like how they're classical names with history, and then with simple, very contemporary middle names.

    Some more ideas:
    Rowena Skye and...
    Eleanor Grace
    Bellamy Kate (Rowena means "famous friend" and Bellamy means "fine friend")
    Mirabel Kate
    Rebecca Leigh (Rowena and Rebecca are both characters in Ivanhoe)
    Marion Kate (another Ivanhoe connection, since Robin Hood is one of the characters)

    Cassandra Grace and...
    Helen Skye
    Katerina Belle
    Anastasia Belle
    Gabriella Kate
    Georgina Kate
    Christina Kate

    Christa Kate and...
    Lexi Marie
    Amber Grace
    Rowan Belle
    Alyssa Grace

    Serenity Skye/Serenity Kate and... (Based on what I said above, I thought I would try to find names that mean something similar to Serenity and see if they fit)
    Freda Grace (peaceful)
    Frederica Grace (peaceful ruler)
    Pacifica Grace (tranquil)
    Salome Belle (peace)
    Naima Belle (tranquility)

    Katia Leigh and...
    Emily Belle
    Alba Elaine
    Annika Grace
    Giulia Skye
    Nadia Belle

    Hope this helps!

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