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    Re: 2 new names-aria & lena

    Quote Originally Posted by jacjac it just a fancy spelling for area?
    Aria is an Italian word meaning "a melody," and it's not pronounced like (or related to) the word "area." (Aria is pronounced "ahr-ee-uh," with AHR sounding like the letter "R.") An aria is a solo vocal piece in an opera.

    I think the name Aria is beautiful, and while I do love Lena, too, I guess I think of it more as a nickname for Helena. Either way, I think it's lovely. :-) I've heard it pronounced as "lee-nuh" and "lay-nuh," so pronunciation issues may arise.

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: 2 new names-aria & lena

    I love Lena!!

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