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Thread: greyson/grayson

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    Just come across a name i like recently which is the boys name Greyson / Grayson i find it very appealing and really like it! Just wanted to know what other peoples opinions are on the name greyson / grayson?

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    Re: greyson/grayson

    I love this name, unfortunately for me my hubby doesnt like, but I love the nn Gray.

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    Re: greyson/grayson

    I've loved this name for two years was on my long list, but I recently look it off, because I couldn't decide on the "e" or "a" in Grey/Gray-son...and decided my son would correct/spelling it for the rest of his, it's off my name list now......:-(

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    Re: greyson/grayson

    I really like the name Grayson, I spell it this way. As mentioned the nn Gray would be cute too. I actually like Gray for a mn.

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    Re: greyson/grayson

    I also love this name. I prefer it spelled Grayson but, also Greyson still looks fine. I guess it would depend on your preference & last name.
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