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    Which one do you like?

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    Re: Which one do you like?

    The first name appeared that something was just mispelled until I looked again. While it's not unheard of, I'm not, personally, a fan of "made up names." Apologies if it isn't, I've just never heard of it.

    I like the name Susannah, though! I like the last choice the best. :) Looks like you're trying to either honor several different people...or just use all your favorite names on one :)

    Good luck choosing :)

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    Re: Which one do you like?

    Suzannah Alexis Rain is probably the best combo as is. I prefer Suzanne or Susannah. Suzana is also interesting - Nameberry says it's a Slavic variant of Susan.

    If you want Lexirayn, I would spell it Lexie Rain Suzana Joy, but that feels like too many names (it sounds like too many even with Lexirayn one word). Rain has always been one of my favorite word/weather/environment names. I also like Raina, the German and Slavic variant of Regina, which means "queen" but also conjures up images of rain by resemblance. I don't very much like inventing names and spelling them all hard. It might seem to make a creative and unique name, but it's not overall a positive image. This is a person's name, not a contest or an art installation.

    Jerni is kind of eh. If you were going for Journey, spell it like the word in English. Spelling it wrong trivializes its meaning, I think, a lot. It would have a lot more soul if you didn't throw it in a blender. It's already tons unique and exotic. I apologize if this name ranks for you because of a family or friend or heritage you want to honor, where the name is spelled this way. Raine the way you spell it here is also a form of Regina.

    Yeah on any of these names and spellings (I added some) in a decent combo:
    Joy. Joy is one of those names I definitely would try to keep. I love it.

    Nope on Lexirayn and Jerni, but Lexie Rain and Journey are ok. I still think Suzannah is the best name on the list. I like maybe Suzana Journey or Suzana Alexis Joy for combos of the names. If there's too many middle names take one out. Rain Journey might sound a little depressing.

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: Which one do you like?

    Lexirayn Suzana Joy: I think Susannah Joy is really beautiful, but when I saw "Lexirayn," I honestly had no idea how to pronounce it until I realized that you were trying to combine the nickname "Lexi" with the word Rain. I'm personally not a fan of invented names, but that's just me.

    Have you thought about Alexa Rain? (This may have been suggested already.) Like I said, I love Susannah Joy. :-)

    Jerni Alexis Raine: Like Karen said, if you're going to name your baby Journey, I'd recommend spelling it correctly, because Journey is an actual word. It honestly doesn't make it look unique; just misspelled. I do think that Journey Alexis Raine flows very well, though! :-)

    Suzannah Alexis Rain: I love Susannah, but when it's followed by Alexis, the flow is broken up for me due to Susannah's A sound ending and Alexis' A beginning sound. Overall, this is my favorite choice!

    Good luck!

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    Re: Which one do you like?

    I really like Susannah best. I think it can be challenging for kids to grow up with a name that is so unusual that they will always have to spell it out for someone.

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