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  • Sylas (or Silas)

    16 64.00%
  • Mason

    4 16.00%
  • Hunter

    3 12.00%
  • Kainin (Kaynin)

    2 8.00%
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    Re: FI just wont sit and talk about a name !

    I voted for Hunter.

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    Re: FI just wont sit and talk about a name !

    Quote Originally Posted by jewels_025
    Ok Im getting a little worried about finding a name. I dont know if my FI just isnt interested in talking about it, or doesnt think there is any hurry ( only 1 month at most left) ORRR if he's holding out hoping that I will come around to the ONLY name he likes.
    Anyone have the same experience? Even our friends are trying to get him to talk and he just changes the subject !
    I also put in a poll about the names I "think" he still likes, and of course, the ONLY one I know he likes. Were no where near middle name choosing...these are just first name options
    THX :)
    Sorry for asking the stupid question, but what does FI stand for? I am guessing its either father or fiance??

    I picked Silas spelt that way. Hunter would be my second choice, Mason third.

    There could be a number of reasons that he doesn't want to talk about names. I am an amateur psychologist, so I better not analyze why or why not he doesn't want to discuss names.

    My husband doesn't get as excited about picking out names as I do. He definitely has an opinion in it, but when he goes through a baby book, for example, it doesn't really help, because he can really only narrow it down by names he doesn't like and is a little overwhelmed. So we have found that it works better for us if I narrow the millions down, tell him why I like the names and he has veto power (plus I get one save for the finals - new rule), but then together we make the final decision.

    Maybe you should approach it that way? Maybe he is overwhelmed with names too, and wants you to narrow it down? What do you think?

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    Re: FI just wont sit and talk about a name !

    I voted for Mason but Silas was a close second. Personally I like Mason. Silas is an old family name and I'm glad to see it get such great approval because it is a nice name.

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    Re: FI just wont sit and talk about a name !

    I like Silas best - another vote for the traditional spelling :)

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