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    Declan, Dillon/Dylan, Emmett

    We had picked out Declan Oliver James for our son, but now that he's here, we find that we don't call him by his name much. It's possible that this is because we had been calling him "Junior" for 9 months and need to get out of that headspace. Or could it be that Declan isn't his name? (well, according to a lot of people, they think his name is "d'Klan" for some reason - which isn't helping things).

    The only other names on our list that might work are Dillon, or Emmett - with Dillon being the more likely of the two. Unfortunately, Dylan reeks of the 90's to me (changing the spelling won't change that). Plus, it seems to be becoming trendy to name girls Dylan.

    So - Declan? Or Dillon? Thoughts??

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    Re: Declan, Dillon/Dylan, Emmett

    I would say you just aren't in the habbit of calling him by his name. I like Declan :) It's very unique. I definitely wouldn't change it especially if it is the name you love most!

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    Re: Declan, Dillon/Dylan, Emmett

    I have a Declan so of course I love it...we used to get the d'Klan pronounciation as well but now that he is in school people are getting used to prounancing his name correctly.
    I think it is such a strong name and we get alot of compliments on his name. So, I think you should give it a try and start using his name, you will love it. Alot of his buddies call him "Dec" which is cute as well.
    I know several Declan's and they are awesome boys.

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    Re: Declan, Dillon/Dylan, Emmett

    I really like Declan, too! :-)

    I do like Emmett, but with Emma being the #1 name for girls and Emily at #4 (having been #1 for seemingly ever), there's a lot of Ems in the world. I really do like, Emmett, though.

    Between Emmett and Dillon, though, I'll vote for Emmett, but I love Declan the most. :-)

    I also thought I'd suggest Everett.

    (I don't know if it's an option, but I really love his middle name, Oliver, and am wondering if you've considered it as his first name.)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Declan, Dillon/Dylan, Emmett

    I like Dillon also but I'd give Declan a bit longer to get used to first.

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