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    About six or seven years ago, cabbage patch kids came back and were popular in my area (not sure about anywhere else) and I had three, Alisa, Drew(boy) and Macy. I can't remember the middles, but I was actually pretty content with their names. My friends name was Amanda and Emily.
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    I only had one, her name was Norma. My parents chose that one specifically because my dad's mother was named Norma, and she died before I was born, so I never got to meet her.

    Cute thread! I never knew the CPK's had so many unusual names... or middle names!
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    I can't remember their middle names, but I had Doreen, Evelyn, and Cole.

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    I think mine was named "Colleen" something-or-other, and thinking it wasn't fancy enough. So, armed with my name books, I renamed her Clytie Jessamyn.

    I also recall watching a commercial for CPK and feeling slighted that my doll wasn't named "Amanda Jane" like the one on the commercial, and thus renaming my toy panda bear Amanda Jane.

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    Mine was Campbell Emma, which I immediately changed to Emma Campbell :P
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