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    Twin Boys soon...?

    Hi Everyone!

    It's virtualmom^^
    Alexis Fleur will be here on Tuesday, September 29th. I wanted to start planning the names for the twin boys I've decided to have. Names I like for them...

    Camden (I took out Sailor, and put my new favorite Camden!)
    Silas (Sigh-lis)

    Pick your favorite TWO please.

    Thanks Ladies!


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    Re: Twin Boys soon...?

    Wow! You're one busy virtual mommy, Stephanie! :-) How fun!

    Sailor: I've only heard this used on girls, like Christie Brinkley's daughter, so I'll skip this one for a boy. (What about Sawyer?)

    Tristan: Hmm...I think I prefer some of your other choices...

    Graham: I like Graham, and think it's very distinguished.

    Silas (Sigh-lis): I can see Silas and Graham as brothers.

    Reese: I only think of Reese Witherspoon, but love Rhys for a boy. I could see Rhys and Graham as brothers.

    Santino: I'm still liking Graham and Silas...

    I'm going to vote for twin babies named Graham and Silas. :-)

    I can see Sailor and Reese paired together (but I wouldn't want the other virtual babies to think they're girls), as well as Tristan and Santino.

    I hope that Alexis Fleur arrives safely! :-)

    Have a good day at school tomorrow!

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    Re: Twin Boys soon...?

    Congratulations on all the new additions! Can I please see a list of your other children's names?

    I like Silas a lot!
    I agree that Sailor and Reese have gone a little more towards the girls side lately...

    What about Jasper and Silas?
    Or Levi and Silas?

    Do you like either of those?

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    Re: Twin Boys soon...?

    Psalm 23

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    Re: Twin Boys soon...?

    love Graham and Silas!

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