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    middle name for Paige?

    what do you like for a middle name for Paige? Thanks so much!

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    Re: middle name for Paige?

    There is a previous post called "Need a middle name for Paige....due in three weeks!!!" that you might want to check out.

    In general, I think you want a long name in the middle.

    Paige Evangeline
    Paige Seraphina
    Paige Beatrix
    Paige Isabella
    Paige Arabella
    Paige Isadora
    Paige Emmeline
    Paige Aveline
    Paige Sophia
    Paige Olivia
    Paige Elizabeth
    Paige Eleanora
    Paige Eloise
    Paige Louisa
    Paige Adeline

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    Re: middle name for Paige?

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