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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    Mia Mars-kuh I'm on the fence. A part of me really likes this another part thinks it might be too matchy with both starting with and "M" and ending with an "uh" sound.
    What about Amelia Marskuh nn Mia
    Grace isn't my favorite personally but I think it sounds nice with Mia or even Amelia. Grace is common though and actually so is Mia. That may mean nothing to you. I still like Olivia, Mia and Chloe and all of those are popular too.
    Mia is my daughters name so I love it a lot. Her mn is Taylor which definitely is unisex and not girly.

    Names that remind of me of Mia -

    Nina Marskuh
    Alia Marskuh
    Malia Marskuh - again matchy but I like the "L" thrown in the middle.
    Ella Marskuh
    Lea Marskuh or Leah.
    Zoe Marskuh
    Chloe Marskuh

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    Re: Is this too close to our last name?

    Antonia nn Nina Marskuh
    Marina Marskuh

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