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    Re: Trying to decide, but still have not found "The Name"

    I have a friend Sebastian (28 year old) who we call Seb. Love the name by the way, and so does the friend :)

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    Hi Loxie! My husband and I are expecting our first daughter and have been looking for the perfect girl's name. We both love "Loxie" but we're stuck. We've found a lot of people named Loxie, but not a lot about the name itself. In our searches, your Nameberry post page showed up, so I am messaging you to see what your opinion on your name is. Do you know the meaning or origin of Loxie? What do you like and dislike about you name? We appreciate any insight you can give Thanks! Cami

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    My favorite is Theodore Elijah, nickname Theo.
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    Hazel, Ivy, Thea, Felicity, Lorelei, Jade, Mariah, Quinn, Raven, Cassidy

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    I just wanted to say that I found your comment about giving your son a strong traditional name so that he could become a doctor or lawyer really quite sexist. Couldn't your daughter become a doctor or lawyer too? Why would an unusual name be ok for her but not your son? Sorry for the unsolicited remarks, but as a female lawyer this really bothers me.

    This is an old thread that someone revived and I hope your attitude on gender and names has changed since you originally posted.
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