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Thread: Viola??

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    Re: Viola??

    I love the name Viola. It's on my list, too. But can you think of any good nicknames? I haven't been able to come up with any besides Vi.

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    Re: Viola??

    Quote Originally Posted by deirdre
    I love the name Viola. It's on my list, too. But can you think of any good nicknames? I haven't been able to come up with any besides Vi.
    I think you could use Lola as a nickname.
    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: Viola??

    I love the name Viola and I debated over this name and Scarlett all summer. I did the research on the whole "rape" connotation and I don't think that there is as strong of a connection as most people suggest. Yes, technically "viola" is the conjugated verb of violar..which means to violate. But, do you think of violate in English when you think of Viola? Or do you think of Rape when you say Ray or Lazy when you pronouce Lacey?

    Spanish speaking people tend to use the word "violacion" when referencing rape. It is pronouced "vee-o-la-cion". In addition, Viola in Spanish is also the name of the instrument as it is in English. Overall, the word originates from latin meaning tiny purple flower. Of course this topic is something to consider before naming a child, but I think it has been overblown in this day in age. The name is a classic and has been popular in the US and Italy for quite sometime. For more commentary, look up my thread/post on "Viola - Rape Connotation" from a couple months ago.

    Viola was a very popular name in the US. in the Victorian era and hit #44 at one point. Therefore, I think most older people you ask with associate it with the flower and with this old name. Therefore, I think you should think more about the older feeling of Viola vs the rape connection..eventhough it is difficult.

    Ultimately, My husband and I decided in the end to go with Scarlett over Viola. However, I am still sad about giving it up. When I think of Viola, I think of a sweet, bohemian, artsy girl. I think it is an unpretencious names rooted in American history. There is an old blues song that the Grateful Dead cover called Viola Lee Blues. There was also a known civil rights activist named Viola. It is a great name. In fact, it is making me sad about not going for it. But, I am days away (hopefully) from delivering and am not changing my mind again :-)

    If you like the name, go for it. Best of Luck!

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    Re: Viola??

    I really love Viola, too, as well as other Shakespearean names like Beatrice, Cordelia (I really love Cordelia!), Celia, Helena, Juliet, Miranda, and Rosalind.

    Viola Blythe
    Viola Belle
    Viola Catherine
    Viola Camille
    Viola Frances
    Viola Jane
    Viola Mireille (meer-AY)
    Viola Ruby
    Viola Scarlett
    Viola Tamsin

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Viola??

    Viola is pretty and sounds to me to be a bit spunkier than Violet.
    Violet is my great grandmothers name so it lingers as a possiblity. Viola definitely brings more possiblities to the table.
    Viola nn's. -
    Jlm mentioned Lola - super cute
    Ollie - just a personal favorite as a nn for Olivia but probably not liked by most. It makes me love this name more and Violet too. Actually I'm going to take Violet nn Ollie up with my DH (fingers crossed and toes)

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