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Thread: Viola??

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    There are two things i love::
    family names and shakespearean names..
    imagine my thrill when i learned that i have a great great grandmother named Viola..
    that's one of my all time favorite shakespearean names..
    i want to use it.. but i'm not quite sure how...
    should it be a middle name? first name?
    what names go well with it?
    i'm also concerned that it's kind of out dated.
    thoughts? opinions?

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    Re: Viola??

    Mom of one daughter, age 2, and name-enthusiast

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    Re: Viola??

    I think it is gorgeous in the first spot, but could probably work equally as well in the middle. I do, however, just want to point out that a PP mentioned that Viola means "rape" in Spanish. They are pronounced differently, but the spelling is the same. Just a heads up so that you don't find out AFTER you've named your daughter. That being said, its very pretty and many people will not catch the spanish relation.
    As for it being dated, I don't that is really the case. Bringing back "old" names is the cool thing to do right now ;) Here at nameberry we LOVE them! (I'm currently in love with Matilda, Mabel, Adeline, Cordelia, and Hazel)

    Maybe I can throw some combos at ya! :)

    Viola Juliet - too shakespeare? but its soo pretty!
    Viola Maeve - Maeve is my go to middle name. Isn't it gorgeous?
    Viola Pearl - another go to middle...seems to work with just about everything!
    Viola Celeste - just a little bit of whimsy
    Viola Eve - she sounds gorgeous
    Viola Rain

    I may come back and list more :)

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    Re: Viola??

    I'm not a fan of Viola, but if you love it, go for it.

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    Re: Viola??

    My primary association with the name is that in English, it is close to Violet, and in fact what it means, in English. Also with a Vee sound, it is a musical instrument, but you say it for the name with a Vie sound; however, I love that it looks like the name of a musical instrument related to the violin.

    I don't live in an area with too many Latinos, so I'm not sure how much they really consider this to be a scary and violent word - as the same root of violate and violent in English, some of us tend to associate similar words with entirely different roots - I do it to some extent. But here, I really think it is too bad people keep considering the off-chance that a word in a foreign language will overshadow the beauty of a name that means purple flower.

    It may be quite a bit more awkward in communities with higher populations of Spanish speakers, or to consider the potential that Viola may travel or take jobs in which her name seems to be a potential offense. Some people are put right off that the spelling is exactly the same, and that it would always remind them, even though it's a different etymology, whether or not they are Spanish/Latino or ever encounter anyone who speaks Spanish outside of a course in high school, since the child may have different experiences.

    However, with the information, and it's always good to know something you didn't know, you can choose whether this bothers you or not.

    I think it is a sort of old-fashioned name that sounds new again. It is the way lots of parents are going - so I wouldn't worry that it sounds too granny and unusual. 'Violet' tends to be more popular and fashionable, but it always is nice to see people considering the variations of a name.

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