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    Quote Originally Posted by disa_lan
    Can Caroline be pronounced as Carolyn? If so that's great. I love the sound of Carolyn too but worried it looked a little "made up".
    Caroline can be and DEFINITELY is pronounced as Carolyn.

    The name Carolyn peaked between 1930's to 1970's and the name Caroline dipped in popularity between 1940 - 1960.

    My parents put Caroline on the birth certificate and Carolyn on everything else! Not fair but of course there has been no difference in the pronunciation, and there were more Carolyns in my day than Carolines, not so now.

    Caroline has started rising in popularity since 2000 but in general it has been a beautiful classic over all the ages.

    I spell my name the traditiional way now and I am thrilled to find out that I have family who share my name.

    We (in Australia) don't generally differentiate between a Caroline and a Carolyn pronunciation wise and if people choose to say 'line' (I have never heard 'leen') then that is fine as is the 'lyn' sound. They are interchangeable.
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