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    Re: What do you think of Verity?

    It's not really not my style but I do see it's appeal. I like it much better than Faith or Hope.
    Would you use a nn?

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    Re: What do you think of Verity?

    Love it - we are actually going with Verity for our daughter's middle name (due in November!). It was my husband's pick, which surprized me because he was pretty conservative in his other suggestions. We love the meaning and the rhythm of it.

    BTW, please, for the love of god, don't play with the spelling - it's an actually, functioning part of the English language (and latin), so "kreeatif" changes kind of ruin it - i.e. given that it means "truthfulness" or "veracity", using an inauthentic spelling is both ironic and oxymoronic. DON'T DO IT!!!!

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    Re: What do you think of Verity?

    I am sort of averse to names that portray some quality or virtue that may be difficult to live up to or be compared to that are obvious words of the English language, although I can certainly understand the appeal. I prefer Vera (a name I've liked for quite a while) to Verity, mostly a matter of taste for simplicity, but even there I'm not sure myself if I could go through with such a clear reference to the meaning in English. Like others, I emphatically am in favor of spelling it correctly. If you are going to spell it wrong, go all the way and find a name that means "verity" but not in English. There don't seem to be too many:

    Vera (Latin)
    Veronica (Latin)
    Dilys (Welsh)
    Alethea (Greek)
    Viera (Czech and Russian version of Vera)

    Some of these are less to do with the virtue of truth and speak more to faithfulness, i.e. fidelity as opposed to verity by definition. While I think Verity is one of the more admirable virtues as name meanings go, it's a little strong - as someone who isn't religious, for whom verity would be, say, foremost of a virtue, I still think it's very strong, almost like Darwin or on the other hand, Jesus. In another thread, someone brings up the name "Bliss" which most agree is more of a huge burden in meaning, although it means something entirely positive and something we'd all like to achieve if we could. I think of Verity much the same way.

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    Re: What do you think of Verity?

    I love Verity and its one of my top choices for our bubs due in November. I'm Glad people like Verity Jane as we're probably going with Verity Joan as Joan was My Grandmonthers name.

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