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    Help with my little girl's name!

    Thanks to everyone one who has helped us shortened our original girl's list to this!

    Opinions? Our last name is Banks and we would like her name to have Ann somwhere in it!

    Anastasia nn. Annie
    Annabelle nn. Annie
    Dahlia nn. Lia
    Eleanor nn. Elea
    Esmerelda nn. Ella
    Helena (prn. Ha-lay-nah) nn. Lena
    Josephine nn. Josey
    Katerina nn. Kat
    Primrose nn. Rose
    Rosalia nn. Rose
    Talia nn. Tally

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Help with my little girl's name!

    They are all great choices. Personally, speaking as an actual Eleanor nn Elea, I can't help but be giddy with glee! :D For what it is worth, I have always loved my (full) name and nickname :)

    My favs after that would be:

    Annabelle nn Annie
    Talia nn Tally
    Helena nn Lena
    Rosalia nn Rose

    But they really are all great choices!
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    Re: Help with my little girl's name!

    Anastasia Banks I like it! An interesting pairing, love Anastasia. I love Russian names and the nn of Anne(ie) is so nice. I think Anne is due for a comeback.

    Interestingly (for me) the nn they use in Russia is Nastier.

    Tahlia is my next favourite
    Helena next
    Katerina next but I much prefer Katherine Banks nn Kate. My daughter's mn is Kate so I am biased.

    Annabelle and Eleanor have been done to death so I am getting tired of them although they are lovely names.
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    Re: Help with my little girl's name!

    What a great list of names! :-)

    Anastasia nn. Annie: I think this is absolutely beautiful, and I think it works wonderfully with your short last name!

    Annabelle nn. Annie: I'm a huge Annabelle fan (HUGE!), but I'm thinking that Annabelle Banks is a bit B heavy. If the B's don't bother you, I think this is darling! :-)

    Aria: I think Aria is beautiful, but I don't personally think Ann works in the middle, due to the back-to-back vowels (Aria's ending and Ann's beginning). Also, with Banks, I'd personally use a longer middle name to help the overall flow.

    I think that Aria Vivianne or Aria Julianne are lovely. (I'm not sure if the Ann in the middle can be derived from another name, or if you'd like Ann.)

    Dahlia nn. Lia: I love Dahlia, but it's the Aria issue for me with Ann in the middle. What about Dahlia Vivianne or another form of Ann in the middle?

    Eleanor nn. Elea: It's the Ann in the middle issue for me again, but I love Eleanor!

    Esmerelda nn. Ella: Ditto.

    Helena (prn. Ha-lay-nah) nn. Lena: Ditto. I love these names, though!

    Josephine nn. Josey: I love this, but not with Ann in the middle.

    Katerina nn. Kat: It may just be me, but Katerina reminds me of Hurricane Katrina. I do love the name, though!

    Primrose nn. Rose: I love this name, too...

    Rosalia nn. Rose: Ditto, but not with Ann in the middle. I love Rosalie, too. :-)

    Talia nn. Tally: Ditto.

    I love every name on your list, but not all of them with Ann in the middle, because of the back-to-back vowel issues and Banks being a short (but great) last name.

    My favorite from your list with Banks is Anastasia, because the Annie nickname comes from the first name, leaving you room for a longer middle name such as Camille or Violet (just examples).

    (I love Annie Banks, because it makes me think of Father of the Bride.) :-)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Help with my little girl's name!

    I also think they are all beautiful names, but agree with Jill about the Ann in the middle problem with some of them. I loved her idea of Vivianne. My favourites:

    Anastasia nn. Annie
    Katerina nn. Kat
    Primrose nn. Rose (LOVE this new addition, love the nn!)
    Talia nn. Tally

    There is just something about Katerina that is making it stand out for me - I think it's how pretty the name is, but how cool the Kat nn is. If you can pair it with Vivianne (or similar) I would choose Katerina, but if you want Ann then I would go for Anastasia, which I also love.

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