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Thread: Alliteration?

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    Hello everyone,

    What are your thoughts on alliteration when it comes to names? My husband and I are strongly considering a B name for our baby boy, and our last name starts with B as well. We never intended to have an alliterative name and don't particularly mind this, but I am a bit concerned that it might come across as trying to sound cutesy or matchy, which we definitely do NOT want. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: Alliteration?

    I think it depends more on the exact sounds of both names. (I have a B last name, too!) Alliterations can definitley work in some cases. I think you may need to specifically give us examples in order to help you. For the most part, I think that as long as there isn't more than one sound the same you'll be okay.

    Here's some examples:
    My last name sounds pretty close to "Birch"

    I wouldn't use:
    Barnaby Birch (too much B and R)
    Benjamin Birch (though because too close to Benjamin Button)
    Bridget Birch

    I would use:
    Beauregard Birch
    Beckett Birch
    Bellamy Birch

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    Re: Alliteration?

    I agree with everything Rica said, and I have a B last name too!
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    Re: Alliteration?

    I also agree with what has already been said. I think as long as the names are not too "matchy matchy" it actually sounds quite nice. My last name starts with "Lan" and we were considering the name Logan for our son and we got all positives responses from people. I think a name that wouldn't work for us would be along the lines of Landon. The double "Lan" beginnings would be too similar. So as long as the names are different enough from each other, having them start with the same letter can be quite complimentary. And no, I don't think its cutesy or anything either (again, only if the names were very similar.)
    Davis David would be a definite no...however Donovan David would work.

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    Re: Alliteration?

    I don't have a B last name, so I hope I didn't break the spell or anything.

    As for alliterative names - I totally like them, but ever so uncommonly. I think it is not "too cute" and often makes for a memorable name. I feel a bit cheered when I meet someone with the same first and last initials, it sounds happy (in most cases) and confident, to the extent that I'm glad it's not a common choice, which makes it a little special in fact, and not at all "precious" or corny.

    My friend with an easy-to-say 2-syllable H last name likes the name Henry for the nickname Hank, which he does make the point that it's somewhat common practice for superheroes' secret identity names to be alliterative, so you may want to consider how well the name fits that template as well. He's in favor of it, so I don't think of it like it's a bad thing, except I don't like the nickname Hank (I'm fine with Henry).

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