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    Bennett vs. Beckett


    We're about 3 weeks away from meeting our first baby but can't decide on a name!

    I'd like to use Anderson or Lane as middle names to honor a favorite relative. Andrew can also kind of work as a version of Anderson. . .

    For his first name, we can't decide between Bennett and Beckett. I think Bennett sounds a little too preppy, and my husband says Beckett sounds like it is trying too hard. But we do like both!

    Which combo do you like best?
    * Bennett Anderson Watkins
    * Beckett Lane Watkins
    * Andrew Beckett Watkins

    Other names that we have considered as first or middles:
    Penn, Mercer, Patrick, Sullivan, Jonas, Jameson. . .


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    Re: Bennett vs. Beckett

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    Re: Bennett vs. Beckett

    Psalm 23

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    Re: Bennett vs. Beckett

    Beckett, Beckett, a thousand times Beckett!!

    I love this name, when I discovered it I fell in love at first sight. Beck is such a handsome nn and I love the middle name Lane. Since Beckett is such a favorite of mine, I'll share a few of my favorite mn options for it:

    Beckett Samuel
    Beckett Daniel
    Beckett Andrew (Also works because its my husbands name!)
    Beckett Clark
    Beckett Lowell
    And.. Just for fun.. Beckett Louis Rourke

    Beckett Lane is handsome and unique, go for it!!!

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    Re: Bennett vs. Beckett

    I have a Beckett so I am biased but, I like Bennett for you. The Bennett combo is very handsome and the nn Ben is very cool.
    I get compliments on Beckett's name all the time BUT I also constantly have to enunciate the T because they think I am saying Becky

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