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    I know that Nameberry users usually like more classic names,

    And so do I. I usually love names like Matilda, Dorothea, Josephine, Genevieve, Florence, Oliver, Henry, Phinneaus, James, Dashiell, and many, many more. But now that I'm actually expecting a baby girl, a name keeps popping up. It isn't a Nameberry favorite by any means, but I honestly want to know..........

    Is Hayley *really* that awful?

    Now before you roll your eyes and scoff at the 'yooneek', dated, overused name, I should probably explain myself a little more. When I was in High School, I wanted to name my future daughter Hayley Julianne, after two of my favorite people. I couldn't (and still can't) think of anybody else I would want my daughter to be more like than those girls. Since then, my taste in names has obviously changed, and I'm no longer in touch with either of the girls I would be honoring. But I was going through some of my old stuff in the attic, and I came across some of my old diaries from when I was in High School. While I was skimming over them, the names just jumped off the page. As I remembered and read about all the great times I had had with them, it just felt so right to name my little girl Hayley Julianne. Maybe it's just nostalgia or hormones, or a combination of the two, but it just seems like the perfect option. It's really grown on me again, I already find myself thinking of her as Hayley when I am talking about the baby. I don't mind the actual sound of the name, it goes good with our last name, and unlike my other favorites, my husband actually likes this name.

    The problem is, with this being our first child, it kind of sets the theme for names. And since I can't see Hayley and Dorothea being sisters any more than I can see Hayley and Oliver being siblings, I might have to abandon my old favorites. We plan on having 3-4 kids, so that's a pretty big decision in my opinion.

    So that's where you wonderful gals (or guys:)) come in. First off, what would you name siblings to Hayley? I have tried to look it up in the check out a name box, but it doesn't appear on many lists. And do you think I should go with my more sophisticated style where I already have many favorites? Or should I take my 'Aha!' moment and run with it?

    *I also wanted to say that I'm not looking for variations of Hayley or Julianne. So no Halle Juliet or Hadley Jessamine. It's either Hayley Julianne or back to something like Dorothea Florence. And while I know the latter will probably be more appealing to most, please bare with me here.

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    Re: I know that Nameberry users usually like more classic names,

    I am usually a person that yes, likes more classic names but I also like the name Hayley a lot! Especially that spelling of Hayley. When I was younger, I loved Hayley Mills and loved loved her name! I don't think there is ANYTHING wrong with naming your daughter Hayley Juliana, in fact, I really like it!

    I think there are a lot of classic names that could go with Hayley, like Everett.

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    Re: I know that Nameberry users usually like more classic names,

    I would not name my child Hayley. I do however like Julianne.

    Why not do switcheroo and have Julianne Hayley?
    Psalm 23

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    Re: I know that Nameberry users usually like more classic names,

    Well darn I was going to suggest Halle or Hallie LOL.

    I like Hayley and I like Julianne. It is unfortunate for those of us who love certain names but hate their popularity, and refuse to use them because of it. I love Olivia and I'm put off by how common it is, well see. I like Michael and wouldn't have a problem using it hmmm. :/

    I hear Kaylie much more than I do Hayley. I did meet a little Hayley the other day about 10 years old and she was quite sweet and very bright. For the rest of the day the name Hayley sat with me as I contemplated using it. If a name has special meaning to you regardless of it's popularity or how well it is received or not by those here, I'd say still use it if you still love it.

    Besides the fact the of the special meaning of both names would you pick them because you like the way they sound?

    I'm not sure more traditional names would mesh well. Let see what others come up with.

    My suggestions of names to go with Hayley -

    Mireille - meer-AY maybe
    Viola -maybe

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    Re: I know that Nameberry users usually like more classic names,

    I actually like Hayley a lot. One of the team I manage is called Hayley, and it really suits her, and I know a couple of others (all lovely, so a lot of positive associations). I know it peaked in the 90s, but I don't think it sounds as tired as Kelly or Megan, for example.

    I don't see Hayley with Dorothea, so if you want to use names from the slightly clunky "old lady cool" style you may have sibset problems. But I think it works with names like Zoe, or Genevieve, or even something like Ariella. I think it has a clean, lyrical sound, and other similar names from different generations will work with it.

    At the end of the day, you have to choose a name that speaks to you. I think it's nice if names match, but I don't think it's essential. And I think it's nice if a name is on the right side of different/familiar, but I also think the most important thing is that parents LOVE a name, and feel a connection to it. A friend of mine recently used Isabelle, which I like, but just think is so common now, but she decided it didn't matter because she and her husband are so in love with the name. They love their choice, and that's what matters. I don't think they'll regret it.
    Good luck :)

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