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    Re: middle name for Julia

    Julia is one of my favorite names! I love both Julia Violet and Julia Claire, and I think the Claire spelling looks best. Other 'C' middle name suggestions:

    Julia Cordelia (not the best flow, but I love Cordelia!)
    Julia Clio / Cleo
    Julia Cosette
    Julia Cecily
    Julia Coralie
    Julia Celeste / Celestine

    Julia Seraphine
    Julia Delphine
    Julia Sylvie
    Julia Alice
    Julia Josephine
    Julia Rosalind / Rosalie / Rose
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    Re: middle name for Julia

    Julia Josephine is pretty, I think.
    Also a vote for Julia Noelle--I have one in my family and I always thought it sounded so pretty!

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    Re: middle name for Julia

    Quote Originally Posted by gwensmom
    Julia Josephine is pretty, I think.
    Also a vote for Julia Noelle--I have one in my family and I always thought it sounded so pretty!
    Julia Josephine could give her the cute JJ nickname if she didn't like Julie.

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    Re: middle name for Julia

    Quote Originally Posted by caroline
    Quote Originally Posted by jill
    Just to add to the above:

    Julia Blythe
    Julia Frances
    Julia Kate

    Good luck! :-)
    Thanks for these suggestions, Jill. Julia Catherine/Kate is gorgeous, but doesn't work because that's my sister's name (Catherine/Kate). I don't love Constance, Clementine, Camille, or Blythe. A good friend just used Frances for her daughter's name, so I also don't want to use that.

    Hence, I'm looking at Julia Margaret, Julia Violet, Julia Claire. Do you think Julia Clara works or do you not like the double "a" ending? What about Julia Natalie? I know you're not a fan of Natalie, and I don't love it either, but I can't avoid the nagging feeling that we should be honoring our "N" relative. Or Julia Nell (I know, you're going to say that sounds like Julie uh-nell!)? Maybe two mn's is the answer, to get one I love, and one that honors our relative. For example, Julia Natalie Violet or Julia Violet Nell. But not sure I'm into the idea of two mns....
    Your parents named their daughters Caroline and Catherine? Wow! I'd like to award them gold medal honors in the Naming Olympics. :-)

    Double a endings don't bother me (like Francesca Nora, for example), but between Julia Claire and Julia Clara, I'm going to vote for Julia Claire (yes, despite the eclair issue.) :-)

    I really love Julia Nell, and I don't think twice about the uh-nell issue, because it's not a word like eclair. (And like you said, that's probably just me!) I do think that Julia Natalie is pretty, but I personally like Julia Nell better (and Julia Noelle).

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I just saw Julia Violet Nell, and I LOVE it! Wow! I think it's gorgeous!!! :-)

    I'm totally rambling here, but I really love Julia Margaret and Julia Violet, too, but like you said, they don't honor your N relative. Between Julia Margaret and Julia Violet, I think I'll vote for Julia Violet, because I'm thinking that Margaret may sound kind of G heavy with your last name.

    I love all of your options, and honestly don't think you can go wrong! :-)

    I can't wait to see what you choose! :-)

    Good luck!

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    Re: middle name for Julia

    I'm now leaning towards two middle names so I can honor my N relative. Keep in mind that our last name starts with hard G:

    Julia Margaret Nell
    Julia Violet Nell
    Julia Elizabeth Nell
    Julia Natalie Claire

    What does everyone like best?

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