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Thread: Atlee?

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    In November I had a miscarriage (Praise G-d I am expecting again) this was to be our sons name. Atlee Joseph.

    I wonder what your thoughts are? I will not be using this name for my new baby but I really do love it

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    Re: Atlee?

    I'm so sorry about your miscarriage. That must have been very difficult. :(

    Atlee reminds me of Clement Attlee, who was the Prime Minister after WW2 in Britain. He was once voted the greatest British Prime Minister, so as a historical reference, I think it's a pretty positive one. I also love the name Joseph.

    I don't know if it's appropriate, but Atlee (or Joseph) would make a great middle name to honour your child. Do you have any other names picked out?

    Edit: I see you're considering Ari Judah if it's a boy (love this). Was it a deliberate choice to have the same initials? I think that's a lovely, subtle tribute.

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    Re: Atlee?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, and like Lamps said, I think that giving your baby Atlee's initials is just lovely.

    Very best wishes to you...

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    Re: Atlee?

    I am so sorry to hear of little Atlee's loss. You chose a lovely name for him and I like Ari Judah as well. I lost a daughter at 21 weeks when she was born prematurely. God has blessed us with another daughter and she is now 4 1/2. Best of luck with your upcoming bundle of joy.

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    Re: Atlee?

    Atlee is a great name!

    My best friend's name is Atley (spelled this way, though)

    He loves that his name is unique, but just as an FYI.. whenever i say "my friend Atley..." people always say, "Who's SHE?" lol Apparently that happened to him his whole life (he's 23 now)

    But ever since I first met him, I remember the first thing that i said to him was- what an awesome name! =]

    Good luck!

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