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    Re: Halloween, witchy, folk lore, etc....

    Yeah, I can't seem to let go of Tabitha...........We try other names, but I feel like when I call her something else, I always say "but that's not her name! Her name is Tabitha!" I can just see myself with a daughter named Tabitha who hopefully likes the rain as much as I do!
    What are some good middle names, in keeping with the Halloween style that I like?

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    Re: Halloween, witchy, folk lore, etc....

    All of the names everyone has suggested so far are fabulous. Forgive me if I repeat a few; I'm feeling too lazy to go back and compare my list to the lists of previous posters.

    *LILAH/LEILA (means "night" in Hebrew and Arabic, respectively)
    *KATJA (reminds me of "cat" ;) )
    *SILVER (it used to be said that witches favored silver)
    *AISLINN (pronounced "ashling," a Celtic name meaning "dream")
    *NEVE (means "snow")
    *EOWYN (a Lord of the Rings name)
    *ARWYN (ditto above, Arwen was an elf queen)
    *SEREN (means "star" in Welsh)
    *VIOLET (witches are often associated with the color purple)
    *ROWAN (a witch in an Anne Rice novel)
    *LAVENDER (Harry Potter reference ;) )

    Then there are all the "Goddess" names. Some ideas:
    *ISIS (she was associated with the night
    *ARTEMIS/DIANA (Goddess of the moon and the hunt)
    *ATHENA (wisdom)
    *PERSEPHONE (associated with the Underworld)
    *SELENE (goddess of the moon)
    *DANU (Irish Goddess of magic, wisdom, and water)
    *ANANTA (Indian serpent queen)
    *KALI (Indian goddess of fertility, death, and rebirth)
    *MAIA (a goddess name in several parts of the world)
    *TARA (goddess name in India and Ireland)
    *NIMUE (moon goddess of fate)
    *ARIANNA (Persia)
    *TIAMAT (Sumerian serpent goddess)
    *DEVANA (Russian goddess of the hunt)
    *ERZULIE (Haitian goddess of love)
    *SOPHIA (wisdom)
    *TANIT (queen of the stars)

    Good luck! :)

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