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Thread: TV Shows!

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    TV Shows!

    Have you ever watched a TV show and thought to yourself, "Who in the world comes up with these names?" Well, here's your chance to right some wrongs. :-)

    I'll list names from some shows, and you'll:
    1. Choose your favorite name
    2. Update the character's names to your liking (initials must stay the same). If you love the original name, it can stay. :-)
    3. Give them middle names
    4. Choose your overall favorite of the original and updated names

    Brady Bunch

    Marcia: Miranda Jane Brady
    Jan: Juliet Camille Brady
    Cindy (Cynthia): Celia Josephine Brady

    Greg: George Edward Brady
    Peter: He can stay. Peter Elias Brady
    Bobby (Robert): Roman Alexander Brady

    Favorite original name: Peter
    Favorite overall name: Celia Josephine

    Full House

    Donna Jo: Daphne Jane Tanner
    Stephanie Judith: Sophie Juliet Tanner
    Michelle Elizabeth: Margot Elizabeth Tanner (nn Maisie)

    Favorite original name: Stephanie Judith
    Favorite overall name: Sophie Juliet

    Family Ties

    Alexander P.: He can stay. Alexander Paul Keaton
    Mallory: Miranda Scarlett Keaton
    Jennifer: Julia Catherine Keaton (and she hates the double "kuh" ending) :-)
    Andrew: He can stay. Andrew Oliver Keaton

    Favorite original name: Andrew
    Favorite overall name: Julia Catherine

    7th Heaven
    (I wear my inner-dorkiness like a badge of honor, and proudly watch this show!) :-)


    Matthew: He can stay. Matthew Charles Camden
    Mary: Mary can stay. Mary Roseline Camden
    Lucy: Lucy can stay. Lucy Genevieve Camden
    Simon: Simon can stay. Simon Oliver Camden
    Ruthie (Ruth): Eve Elizabeth Camden
    Samuel: Benjamin, because Sam and Simon are too close for me. Benjamin Edward Camden
    David: He can stay. David Samuel Camden

    Favorite original name: Lucy
    Favorite overall name: Lucy Genevieve

    If you have other shows/characters you'd like to use, add them! :-)

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    Re: TV Shows!

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    Re: TV Shows!

    Alessia, perhaps you missed the first post, which covered the rules of this game. Rules are a great thing. :-)

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    Re: TV Shows!

    ahh, Jill, you make me laugh out loud!
    Proud mama to two sweet boys:

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    Re: TV Shows!

    I think it's GraceRose32 with a different name. Rules are a funny thing. They like to be followed. :-)

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