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    Re: Mn's for Basil and Clive

    Quote Originally Posted by larkling
    my good friends have 1 1/2 year old Clive.

    He's Clive Arden

    I like it with some traditional middle names:

    Clive Allen
    Clive Benjamin
    Clive Samuel
    Clive Matthew
    Clive Caleb
    Clive Simon
    Larkling i love these!! Clive Benjamin and Clive Allen are my fave!!

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    Re: Mn's for Basil and Clive

    I really like Clive. It sounds a little musty at first, but I can really picture it on a boy and then a man. Basil will be hard to pull off. It's a name that's fun to think about as a parent, but could be really hard to live with. Of course, he'll probably end up as Baz which is pretty cool.

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    Re: Mn's for Basil and Clive

    I LOVE BASIL!!!!!! And Baz is a great nn!

    If I was ten times braver than I actually am I would call a boy Basil in a heartbeat. I love it so much.

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    Re: Mn's for Basil and Clive

    Bumped my old post for a new poster liking the name Basil.

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    Re: Mn's for Basil and Clive

    Thank you!

    The only reason I wouldn't use Basil is that our last name stars with L and the part after the L is a word on it's own and doesn't flow as well as it could, but Baz Lastname works lovely! :)

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