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    Minorly Offensive Names You Love (but can't use)

    Have you ever found a beautiful name but were unable to admit that it was your favourite to other people because you'd seem like a racist/sadist/bigot/insert-unpleasant-name? Here you can share your love of tainted names with other people who appreciate that names should always be given a second chance.

    I personally love Columbine. It's floral without being prissy, French without being frilly, a little Catherine and a little Lillian. And the upside is, no one else would have it!
    Vote on my name lists: (boys) and (girls).

    Girls' Top Fifteen: Ceridwen, Cliodhna, Coppelia, Glasgow, Ondine, Severine, Lumina, Isolda, Iphigenia, Cameo, Phaedra, Margaret, Elestren, Meliora, Fionnuala

    Boys' Top Ten: Phoenix, Lysander, Wilder, Gilbert, Tarquin, Melchior, Harry, Pryor, Taliesin, Carwyn, Lyall, Hesper, Phosphorus, James, Jem

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