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    One name:


    It's a lovely sound, but I can't use it knowing she was killed in the end, even though she was innocent.
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    I guess I am a bit naive with most of these. Being no religious, I don't get most of the negative connotations with Jezebel, Delilah, etc. lucifer, I get.

    And I guess I've never read this book with Lolita, cause I never would have gotten that one.

    I have the opposite problem, in that being non-religious, not sure if I would want to go with some of the names I really like such as Noah, Ezra, Josiah.

    I always liked Kayleigh/Caylee, but wouldn't use it after the Caylee Anthony thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shvibziks View Post
    This one wouldn't be as much offensive as it would be stupid. Malheureuse (or the male form 'Malheureux') is one of my favourite words and whenever I say it out loud, I think of what a great girls name it would be (especially with the nickname "Mal"). However, naming a child "miserable" is too much of a stretch for me
    "Mal" has terrible connotations in Portuguese (it means evil) and in Spanish (meaning bad, sick). added to the the "miserable", I think it'd be quite an unlucky choice...

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    Southern Tennessee, believe it or not.
    Also.... Tamerlan... I actually heard it on the news, and I knew exactly who it was, but it stuck with me. Love the name, don't love the bomber.
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    Colombine is so pretty. Colombia might be a better choice though.

    I knew a boy named Arian. I always thought it was an odd choice & wondered why his parents picked it!

    I think it's odd that names trend upward when children by that name are featured in the news as victims.

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