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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    I LOVE the name Dorian. And I would still consider using it....but I know some people might have a hard time getting over the character connotations.

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    Most of my animals have... unusable names.

    One of my cats' names is Desdemona. I felt fine using it for an animal but for a person would be a little bit different. I wouldn't use it for a person because 1. of the Othello character. Brutally murdered and all that. 2. It means 'misery'. Meaning doesn't really mean much t me, but still. 3. It has 'demon' right in the center of the name. It's distracting.

    A few years ago I had two sibling cats that passed away within a year of each other and their names were Viscera (blood and guts and all that) & Carrion (dead meat, carcass). I named them when I was 7. lol

    Pets are fun to put unusable names on but if I met a person with those names, I'd be shocked.

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    I agree with everyone about Lolita, which is so sad because I adore the name. Honestly, the character alone wouldn't turn me off, it's the fact that society miss-uses it to refer to everything sexually preconscious; I know that any child names Lolita would be tormented.

    (I say miss-uses under the circumstances that Dolores Haze was quite frankly raped. She was the victim, despite what most people thought when the book was first published. Sadly, people still hold onto the old fashioned and sexist view of her character and turned it into a derogatory term. Anyway, I digress).
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    Lolita as a nn for Dolores is one I can't use, either! That said, at some point the associations will wear off. The book and its fame may always be around because it is a modern classic, but the associations won't be there forever. Like Silas Marner - people still know the book but the associations are no longer stuck to Silas.

    Another one for me is Medea. Unusable since 300BCE.
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    Medea tops this list for me too. Such a pretty name...

    Ebeneezer, not offensive per say, but DH looks at me like I've lost my mind when I suggest it, love the nn Eben.

    Another I love is Sharona, but cannot get past the minorly offensive song lyrics.

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