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    I like Allegra, Catrina, Romeo, and Dixie. Obviously can't use them.
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    I know both an Arian and an Ivori, and they both wear their names well, but I do admit I did think about the word aryan when I first met him. Also I have always wondered about Ivori. Her father was black, but very light skinned and her mother was white. Ivori, herself, just looks white... hmm.

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    I know an Aaryn. He's indian, and it fits him.
    I love Biddy as a nm for Elizabeth, but the old biddy association is what most people would think.

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    I'm a Monty Python fan and would have considered naming a child Palin after Michael Palin, but unfortunately these days I think more people would associate the name with Sarah Palin I also like the name Odessa for a girl, but apparently it was a branch of the S.S. in Nazi Germany, so.... not so much.

    There are a lot of great names that are off the table because of my husband's last name (Stone), too. Miles, Flint, Jericho, Ruby, Rosetta, Jade, etc.

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    I like Cain/Cane, Katrina (which I'm not American so it's still workable), Arian on a boy (I'm an Aries and we're called Arians, so it's got that connotation to me, but you know..the whole Aryan thing), Delilah.
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