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    sunshine kid Guest
    I agree with others that Lolita is such a stunning name, but the stigma is just too strong... I'm tempted to encourage people to use it, only for the right reasons of course that they love the name and not the connatations. And because it will be the child who shapes it with their own personality. But that would be cruel to the child, society will probably be cruel so I'm sad to pass this aside.

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    catloverd Guest
    I like the name Lolita, and I never associated it with the book, I associate it with the Japanese clothing style: Attachment 621

    So that's what keeps me from using it....

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    Giselle. Its so pretty, but I mentioned it to my husband who made a face at me. He told me to think about the first syllable. Now its ruined.

    Also, Ivy. Poisin Ivy, anyone?

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    @amberdaydream thanks! I was thinking "before Christ...existed?! that can't be right!"

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    I may only be a teenberry but I can't help but loving the name Asia...I'm not an Asian but my parents wouyld find it disrespectful because I have an Asian aunt. SO I'm kinda always gonna be disappointed about that one.

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