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    @belle83p I would never have associated Lana with anal and I dont think very many people would
    I don't associate Lana with anal, but I do associate Annaleigh with analy :S
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    I love Columbia but for me the name is tainted not by the country, but the character from Rocky Horror Picture Show!
    I am partial to the name Enola, but the tragedy associated with it is just too much (Enola Gay in WWII). It doesn't help that the last name sounds an awful lot like Gay...

    I truly love the name Shoshana but I'm torn about how Jewish you're required to be? My boyfriend's mother was raised Jewish but neither of our families are particularly religious.

    I wouldn't let Lana spelled backwards stop my from using the name. I think it's beautiful and simple.

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    @harriett - in the same with annaleigh and annaliese type names!

    @dotmyiis - enola is really popular in france despite its history but I know what you mean.
    I'm also torn about this name

    For those who like columbine but feel the scho tragedy is too strong of an association Colombine and Colombe are great options!
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    Heathen. I love the way that sounds as a name, but of course it would cause more trouble than it's worth! I love Pagan too, but it has the same issue. Both for boys.
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    Jezebel, I think it has such a great sound, but would be hard for a child to pull off. I love Barney & Rudolph too but the dinosaur and reindeer connotations are just too strong in the states
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