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    Re: Bardot Vita (David Boreanaz)

    Quote Originally Posted by millikate
    Definitely a Hollywood name, although Hollywood isn't the only ones who come up with creative names. I found the name Tapestry Noel (a girl) the other day. I made it my name of the day on my blog today as I have never seen a Tapestry before.
    I could never have that girl in my class and not hear the scene in Last Crusade where Indy announces in that awful Scottish accent that he and his assistant are there to view the tapestries...

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    Re: Bardot Vita (David Boreanaz)

    I think the hugest drawback of this name is that Brigitte Bardot has turned out to be a horrible racist. She has been fined for her racist and anti-homosexual statements several times. Who want's be named after such a person?

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    Re: Bardot Vita (David Boreanaz)

    I like Vita... sort of. I think the whole name tries to be Hollywood but sort of sounds like an expensive cheese (sorta ironic?) or someplace the Love Boat might pull into port. I don't think "Bardo" sounds pretty. I didn't really like Harlow, but there, you don't have just imagery, you have a pleasant sounding word. Where I grew up, Bardo's was a seedy motel. Oh, but it's Bar-DOH. Like Pla-DOH? Despite the beautiful actress, I think this word 'Bardot' only works in relation to her first name. I also didn't know she was a racist, so minus minus. I wasn't even thinking of Velveeta when I thought it sounds like cheese. I think Vita could have potential with another name and not sound like cheese.

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    Re: Bardot Vita (David Boreanaz)

    Wow this thread is from a while ago, but I thought I might comment that they had it changed to Bella Vita Bardot. Not something I would name MY child (see signature), but not the worst. Also, I agree that it's terrible that Brigitte Bardot isn't turning out to be who people saw her as.

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