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    Make up a neighborhood filled with kids

    Have a location in mind but keep it a secret, and then:
    1. your house - how many kids, what are their names?
    2. your next door neighbors - kids, names?
    3. the house across the street - ditto
    4. the houses on either side of the house across the street. - ditto
    Once your neighborhood is complete, other posters can guess what state it's in. If a poster is correct, be sure to let them know.

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    I am just making these names up, not listing an actual neighborhood. (:

    My house - 4 kids, LN Bellevue, DH David Christian & DW Audrey Catherine

    Lizette Madeleine
    Catalina Rosalie
    Henry Joseph
    Eric Sebastian

    Next door neighbor's house - 3 kids, LN Caraway, DH John Lucas & DW Marguerite Noelle

    Felicity Bellerose
    Justin Lucas
    Lilibeth Christine

    Other next door neighbor's house -1 kid, LN Simmons, DH Tyler James & DW Colleen Amelia

    Peter Thaddeus

    House across the street - 2 kids, LN Gasper, DH Alexander William & DW Eva Jane

    Thackeray William
    Bryce Alexander

    House to the left of house across the street - 5 kids, LN Wagner, DH Evan Reese & DW Kelly Renee

    Julian Michael
    Christophe Matthew
    Celeste Marie
    Maeve Elizabeth
    Isaac Mason

    House to the right of house across the street - 1 kid, LN Freeman, DH James Austin & DW Jennifer Sue

    Sabrina May
    -- Lottie --

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    My house - 6 kids.
    Logan Mckay, Dylan Jacob, Harry Edward, Austin Carter, Kyla Marie, Arabella Morgan.

    Next door (Left) - 2 kids.
    Erin Chloe, Caitlyn Lily.

    Next door (Right) - 9 kids.
    Oliver Atticus, William Aaron, Thomas Peter, James Edwin, Asher Garrison, Lewis Illinois, Sasha Elizabeth, Joanne Margot "Jo", Poppy Louelle.

    Across the street - 3 kids.
    Zachary Steve "Zach", Lain Estelle, Bo Elaine.

    Across the street (Left) - 4 kids.
    Jaimie-Lee Victoria, Connor Keith, Joshua Thomas, Charlie Ethan.

    Across the street (Right) - 1 kids.
    Edith Marielle "Edie"
    Kyla Marie, Harry Edward

    Destinee Sierra, Alana Rose, Arabella Grace, Emillie Melissa, Tallulah Monroe
    Logan Mckay, Alfie Carter, Jaxon Oliver, Caspar James, Toby Alexander

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    My House; The Cohen's
    - {14} Kendall Alexandra Cohen
    - {14} Keira Gabrielle Cohen
    - {14} Keegan Trevor Cohen
    - {11} Natalie Frances Cohen
    - {9} Damian Michael Cohen
    - {8} Gavin Eugene Cohen

    Parents: David Edgar Cohen & Cecilia June {Beck} Cohen

    David + Cecilia Cohen
    - Kendall, Keira, Keegan, Natalie, Damian, + Gavin Cohen

    * * *

    Next door neighbors; The Holloway's
    - {10} Audrey Delilah Holloway
    - {3} Brynn Savannah Holloway

    Parents: Troy Hudson Holloway & Julia Joyce {Watts} Holloway

    Troy + Julia Holloway
    - Audrey + Brynn Holloway

    * * *

    House across the street; The Kelly's
    - {15} Keane Desmond Kelly
    - {13} Lilias Breanne Kelly
    - {12} Ione Grace Kelly
    - {10} Gawain Malcolm Kelly
    - {7} Aoife Maeve Kelly

    Parents: Connor Tavish Kelly & Elspeth Finola {James} Kelly

    Connor + Elspeth Kelly
    - Keane, Lili, Ione, Gawain, + Aoife Kelly

    * * *

    House on the left; The Torres'
    - {9} Elizabeth Aurora Torres
    - {6} Maxwell Oscar Torres
    - {3} Alexander Mathias Torres

    Parents: Andres Samuel Torres & Sabrina Ellen {Soto} Torres

    Andres + Sabrina Torres
    - Liza, Max, + Alex Torres

    * * *

    House on the right; The Blair's
    - {16} Daphne Naomi Blair
    - {16} Scarlett Rebecca Blair
    - {10} Isaiah Lawrence Blair
    - {9} William Flynn Blair

    Parents; Aaron Grant Blair & Amanda Shannon {Peterson} Blair

    Aaron + Amanda Blair
    - Daphne, Scarlett, Isaiah, + Liam Blair
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    causing me to spill my coffee on my dress,
    than ever hand someone else the keys to my life.
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    1. your house - how many kids, what are their names?
    5 kids, Emma Lynn, Harper Joelle, Piper Leigh, Sutton Parker, and Declan Nicholas.
    2. your next door neighbors
    Right side: 4 kids, Braelyn Juliette, Bryson James, Brody Jackson, and Bree Jessica.
    Left side: 2 kids, Mia Rose and Greyson Brooks
    3. the house across the street
    2 kids, Noah Cameron and Connor Lucas
    4. the houses on either side of the house across the street
    Right side: 6 kids, Sydney Kate, Morgan Olivia, Bailey Jessica, Dylan Alexis, Logan Savannah, and Quinn Ashley.
    Left side: 4 kids, Harrison "Harry" Matthew, Lily Francesca, Jordyn Allison, and Ella Miranda
    Sophia's Names:

    Girls~ Olivia Grace, Cassidy Ellen, Orla Alice, Isobel Raine, Amabel Jaclyn, Bronwyn Noelle & Madeleine Greer
    Boys~ Deacon Matthew, Reilly Brooks, Sawyer Evan, Liam Jordan, Elliott Noah, Rowan Jude & Gage Michael

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