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    Re: Please vote for just one


    It's perfect, and I've loved it practically since birth. Unfortunately, the popularity means I won't use it. But if I'm going to hear a name everywhere I go, I don't mind it being this one.

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    Re: Please vote for just one

    Abby: I'd personally go with Abigail, using Abby as a nickname. (To me, Abby on its own isn't substantial enough...) I love Abigail, but its massive popularity has kind of ruined it for me.

    Katharine: I really love this name, and despite its popularity, I still think it's fantastic.

    Caroline: I adore this name!

    Natalie: I prefer some of the other names on your list...

    Rachel: As much as I love Biblical names, Rachel feels overused to me, and I associate it with the 80s.

    From the classics, I'm voting for Caroline.

    From the Popular list:
    Ava: I think it's beautiful, but it's way, way, way too popular to me.

    Avery: I'm personally not a fan of Avery, and it feels trendy to me...

    Blake: I personally prefer feminine names on girls.

    Calla: I think that Calla is gorgeous...

    Fiona: I love this, too...

    Scarlett: Ditto...

    If I can only choose one, I'll go with Caroline, because I love its timeless feel and elegance.

    Although I didn't choose the name as my #1 from your list, I think that the combination of Fiona Scarlett is lovely. :-)

    Good luck! :-)

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    Re: Please vote for just one

    Thanks...You guys are no help at all! Haha
    Each one of you picked a different name so I am still as confused as ever.
    Any other opinions out there?

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    Re: Please vote for just one

    From the Classics:
    Abby - as a nn for Abigail this is nice but not outstanding, in my opinion.
    Katharine - lovely.
    Caroline - pretty.
    Natalie - I do like this, but it feels almost dated ...
    Rachel - as with Natalie.

    I vote for Katherine.

    From the Popular list:
    Ava - so sweet and pretty.
    Avery - it reminds me aviaries, where birds are kept.
    Blake - too blunt for me (although I adore Blythe).

    I vote for Ava.

    Other names:
    Calla - I feel like this should be a nn for something ... (like Cora for Cordelia or Willa for Wilhelmina).
    Fiona - okay.
    Scarlett - not my personal style, but both cute and spunky.

    I vote for Scarlett.

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    Re: Please vote for just one

    Quote Originally Posted by dearest
    Underused, not too simple (like Calla, Ava or Abby), good history and sonically pleasing ^^ Everything to make a good name!
    I completely agree.

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