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    You're so excited to set out on your own at age 20. You've just landed your dream job and have a great new boyfriend.
    What's your name? Alyssa Jane Richardson
    What do you look like? Brown hair, green eyes
    What's your boyfriend's name? Jonathan Eli Jones
    What does he look like? Black hair w/dimples, green eyes
    What's your job? Fashion Designer

    After 2 years of dating, you and your boyfriend become engaged.
    How did he propose? At Disney World at the base of the Spaceship Earth ride (the big golfball)

    Very shortly after becoming engaged, your wedding takes place. It's everything you always imagined. You are able to continue working wherever you plan to relocate, so you move to a place you've always wanted to.
    Where did your wedding take place? The Caribbean
    Where do you live? Virginia

    After 2 months of being happily married, you discover you are pregnant. Both you and your husband are very excited. You decide to find out the gender of your child, and it's a little girl!
    Three names you like: Alice, Luna, Emma
    Three names your husband likes: Penelope, Maeve, Avery

    The day finally comes, and after a long and rather painful delivery, your baby arrives. Your husband takes feels terrible about the rough day you've had and lets you name the baby whatever you'd like. You decide the baby should have your grandmother's name as her middle name.
    What do you name her? Alice Edith Jones

    Your little girl is a sweet little angel and everything you hoped for in a daughter.
    What/Who does she look like? soft, curly Blonde hair/see blue eyes (looks like grandmother when she was younger)

    After a year and a half, your husband comes to you and tells you he'd love to have another child. You agree and with no trouble at all, you become pregnant again. You decide to keep the gender a surprise.
    What does the baby's nursery look like? a pastel green with lots of stuffed animals

    It's another girl! She is born premature but doesn't suffer many complications. Your husband wants to give her an old-fashioned name and something that starts with the first letter of your name.
    What is her name? Adelaide Renee Jones

    Your second child has her father's hair and her mother's eyes and lips. She and your older daughter get along very well. They even have cute nicknames for eachother.
    What do your daughters call each other? Alice calls Adelaide "Addy" and Adelaide calls Alice "Alli"

    It's not long at all before you're surprised with another pregnancy. In another turn of events, you discover you're pregnant with triplets; two boys and a girl. Both you and your husband are nervous but excited.

    It's delivery day, and another shocking event happens; your little girl turns out to be another boy! You and your husband agree to give them middle names that relate to nature. He wants one to be named after his father, Andrew.
    Baby 1: Andrew North Jones
    Baby 2: James Hunter Jones
    Baby 3: Daniel River Jones

    Your eldest daughter is 6 now, your second daughter is 4, and your triplets are 3. Your husband and you decide that it's now time to stop. However, a close family friend adopts a baby and you become very tempted to welcome another child into your home. You eventually file for an adoption.
    What's your friend's baby's name? Rebecca Charlotte

    Your baby arrives about a year after you filed for adoption. They are 18-months-old. Your husband wants the baby to keep their birth name, and you want to give the baby a completely new name; you agree on giving the baby a new first name and keeping their original name as a middle name.
    What is the gender? Female
    Where is he/she from? England
    What is their name? Emma Charlotte (Jones)

    After a while of settling in with your six kids, you and your husband make a promise that there will be no more children. You decide that you'd like to get your tubes tied. After going to the doctor to discuss this, you find out that you're in the early stages of being pregnant. You eventually find out that you're going to be having quintuplets. Your husband is shocked and terrified, but you feel you'll be able to handle it when the day arrives.

    The babies are born, all healthy except for one baby girl who has a heart defect and needs to stay in the hospital for a long period of time; however, it's a wonder she survived. Your husband wants to give your children first names beginning with A, B, C, D, and E, respectively. Baby C is the one with the heart defect and you decide to give her the middle name Hope.
    (all genders are up to you except for Baby C)
    Baby A: Oliver Reid Jones
    Baby B: Avril Ramona Jones
    Baby C: Hermione Hope Jones
    Baby D: Matthew Weston Jones
    Baby E: Skye Juliet Jones

    Your tubes have been tied and that's it for babies!
    Your children are..
    Alice Edith Jones (age 9)
    Adelaide Renee Jones (age 7)
    Andrew North Jones (age 5)
    James Hunter Jones (age 5)
    Daniel River Jones (age 5)
    Emma Charlotte (age 3)
    Oliver Reid Jones (age 1)
    Avril Ramona Jones (age 1)
    Hermione Hope Jones (age 1)
    Matthew Weston Jones (age 1)
    Skye Juliet Jones (age 1)
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