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Thread: 20 years game

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    Talking 20 years game

    Just another 20 years game, but this time be sure to have a LOT of kids!


    1 and 1: You've a baby boy!
    1 and 2: You've a baby girl!
    1 and 3: You've boy/girl twins!
    1 and 4: you've boy/boy twins!
    1 and 5: you've girl/girl twins!
    1 and 6: you've triplets. Genders are your choice.
    2 and 1: you try to conceive, but no success.
    2 and 2: you adopt a 2 year old boy. Country is your choice.
    2 and 3: you've a baby boy!
    2 and 4: you've boy/boy twins!
    2 and 5: you try to conceive, but no success. You take a fertility test but luckily everything's okay.
    2 and 6: you've a baby girl!
    3 and 1: you've B/B/G triplets!
    3 and 2: you adopt a 2 year old girl from Ghana.
    3 and 3: you've a baby boy!
    3 and 4: you try to conceive but no success.
    3 and 5: you've girl/girl twins!
    3 and 6: you've a baby girl!
    4 and 1: you try to conceive, but. No success. You take a fertility test but luckily everything's okay.
    4 and 2: you've a baby boy!
    4 and 3: you've B/B/B triplets!
    4 and 4: you've quadruplets. Genders are your choice.
    4 and 5: you adopt a 2 year old girl from Canada.
    4 and 6: you've a girl!
    5 and 1: you try to conceive, but no success.
    5 and 2: you've girl/girl twins!
    5 and 3: you've a baby boy!
    5 and 4: you've boy/boy twins!
    5 and 5: you adopt a 2 year old boy. Country is your choice.
    5 and 6: you've a girl!
    6 and 1: you try to conceive, but no success.
    6 and 2: you've twins. Genders are your choice.
    6 and 3: you've a baby boy!
    6 and 4: you've a baby girl!
    6 and 5: you've triplets. Genders are your choice.
    6 and 6: choose from the above.

    Life events:
    1 and 1: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with a little girl!
    1 and 2: your eldest kid breaks their arm, what happened?
    1 and 3: you move to NYC.
    1 and 4: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with a little boy!
    1 and 5: you buy a puppy. What kind and what is his name?
    1 and 6: your sister dies in a car crash and the guardianship of her 3 kids between the ages of 1-7. Two boys and a girl.
    2 and 1: one of your kids wins a hockey trophy, who?
    2 and 2: you adopt 2 twin girls from Conneticut.
    2 and 3: you meet this priest in church who wants you to take guardianship over two newborns left in front of the church. You're happy to! Genders are your choice.
    2 and 4: you open a store, what kind and why?
    2 and 5: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with B/B/G triplets!
    2 and 6: your mom wants to spend time with her grandkids and comes to live with you for 5 months.
    3 and 1: you get the guardianship over a newborn boy, the son of your best friends 17 year old daughter.
    3 and 2: you or one of your kids gets a part in a TV show. What show?
    3 and 3: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with G/G twins!
    3 and 4: You go on a big trip with the family? Where to and how long?
    3 and 5: You adopt 3 kids whose parents died. Genders are your choice but they've to be between the ages of 1-9.
    3 and 6: you buy a cat. What kind and what is its name?
    4 and 1: you go to a high school reunion. What do you tell people there?
    4 and 2: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with B/B twins!
    4 and 3: you join a club. What kind of club and why?
    4 and 4: one of your kids needs a surgery. What is it and why?
    4 and 5: You go on a trip to South Africa and fall in love with the orphans there. You adopt at least one, amount, genders and ages are your choice.
    4 and 6: Your husbands sister dies and you get guardianship over her 3 year old son.
    5 and 1: you move to Vancouver, Canada.
    5 and 2: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with a baby boy!
    5 and 3: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with a baby girl!
    5 and 4: you start up your own restaurant.
    5 and 5: you buy a holiday house. Where?
    5 and 6: you and DH get into a car accident. How do you get out?
    6 and 1: you take guardianship over the neighbours kids since the neighbours have been hurting them badly. The 2 kids are a 7 year old boy and a 4 year old girl.
    6 and 2: you write a book, what is it about?
    6 and 3: a family member gets married and your sons and daughters get to be bridesmaids and boys.
    6 and 4: you unexpectedly fall pregnant with B/G twins!
    6 and 5: you buy a new house, where is it?
    6 and 6: you adopt a 5 year old boy from Canada.
    Girls: Myles Faye Summer, Shay Sofia Lucy, Lily Cressida Aria and Hazel Jane Phoenix

    Boys: Max Ezra Thomas, Finn Levi Spencer, Percy Jude Thomas, Rory Jack Felix and Elijah 'Eli' Rune Sawyer

    Currently crushing: Phoenix Faye

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    Year 1
    I go to my high school 5 year reunion.

    Year 2
    My best friend and her husband die in a car accident so we adopt their 3 kids.
    DAS(6)- Lowell Carson Galli
    DAS(5)- Logan Cade Galli
    DAD(3)- Leighton Rae Galli

    Year 3
    We have BBG triplets!
    DS(NB)- Paxton Alexander Galli
    DS(NB)- Noah Hunter Galli
    DD(NB)- Jude Evangeline Galli

    Year 4
    We have BB twins!
    DS(NB)- Zephyr Mason Galli
    DS(NB)- Ezekiel Gray Galli "Zeke"

    Year 5
    We adopt a 2 year old from Ghana
    DAD(2)- Maia Eunice Galli

    Year 6
    2 infants are left on the door of our church. We graciously adopt them!
    DAD(NB)- Hadley Eleanor Galli
    DAD(NB)- Harlow Adelaide Galli

    Year 7
    We have a baby girl!
    DD(NB)- Sienna Shae Galli

    Year 8
    I accept a job in Vancouver Canada! Moving day!

    Year 9
    I write a book about our family.

    Year 10
    I unexpectedly fall pregnant with a baby girl!
    DD(NB)- Matigan May Galli "Mati"

    Year 11
    We have a miscarriage (

    Year 12
    We have a baby boy!
    DS(NB)- Carter Knox Galli

    Year 13
    We have GG twins!
    DD(NB)- Mia June Galli
    DD(NB)- Lia Spring Galli

    Year 14
    We go on a huge 3 month tour of Europe!

    Year 15
    After having so much fun on our European vacation, we open a travel planning agency!

    Year 16
    We get a black lab Great Dane mix puppy named Duke
    Dog(NB)- Duke

    Year 17
    We unexpectedly fall pregnant with BBG triplets
    DS(NB)- Fisher Ezra Galli
    DS(NB)- Wyatt Graham Galli
    DD(NB)- Ada Nihm Galli

    Year 18
    We adopt a 2 year old girl from a neighboring town in Canada
    DAD(2)- Brooklyn Savannah Galli

    Year 19
    We have BBB triplets
    DS(NB)- Leo Thessalonians Galli
    DS(NB)- Austin Maccabees Galli
    DS(NB)- Thomas Philippeans Galli

    Year 20
    We have GG twins
    DD(NB)- Briar Francis Galli
    DD(NB)- McKinley Bryn Galli

    Kids Now:
    (25 total, 18 bio, 7 adopted)
    (12B, 13G)
    DAS- Lowell Carson Galli (24)
    DAS- Logan Cade Galli (23)
    DAD- Leighton Rae Galli (21)
    DS/DS/DD- Paxton Alexander Galli/ Noah Hunter Galli/ Jude Evangeline Galli (17)
    DAD- Maia Eunice Galli (17)
    DS/DS- Zephyr Mason Galli/ Ezekiel Gray Galli "Zeke" (16)
    DAD/DAD- Hadley Eleanor Galli/ Harlow Adelaide Galli (14)
    DD- Sienna Shae Galli (13)
    DD- Matigan May Galli "Mati" (10)
    DS- Carter Knox Galli (8)
    DD/DD- Mia June Galli/ Lia Spring Galli (7)
    DAD- Brooklyn Savannah Galli (4)
    DS/DS/DD- Fisher Ezra Galli/ Wyatt Graham/ Ada Nihm Galli (3)
    DS/DS/DS- Leo Thessalonians Galli/ Austin Maccabees Galli/ Thomas Philippeans Galli (1)
    DD/DD- Briar Francis Galli/ McKinley Bryn Galli (NB)

    Jude(17), Maia(17),
    Hadley(14), Harlow(14), Sienna(13), Mati(10),
    Mia(7), Lia(7),
    Brooklyn(4), Ada(3),
    Briar(NB), McKinley(nb)

    Boys: Lowell(24), Logan(23),
    Paxton(17), Noah(17), Zephyr(16), Zeke(16), Carter(8),
    Fisher(3), Graham(3),
    Leo(1), Austin(1), Thomas(1)

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    DH: Seaton Orville Harris
    DW: Scout Amelia Harris

    1. Scout joins a local swim club.
    2. Baby boy!
    Nathan Thomas Harris
    3. Seaton and Scout get into a car accident. Scout has a concussion and Seaton breaks a leg.
    4. Oliver William *Ollie* Harris & Elliot Jacob *Leo* Harris & Callie Patricia Harris & Margo Felicity Harris
    5. Scout opens a music store.
    6. Seaton's sister, Murphy Noella Harris, dies and they get guardianship over her 3 year old son, Maxwell Nolan *Max* Harris.
    7. They adopt a 2 year old boy from Boston
    Jude Anthony Harris
    8. They unexpectedly fall pregnant with a little girl!
    Nora Jennifer Harris
    9. They adopt a 2 year old boy from England
    Shepherd Colin Harris
    10. They unexpectedly fall pregnant with G/G twins!
    Hazel Madeline Harris & Phoebe Margaret Harris
    11. Baby boy!
    Christian Dominic Harris
    12. Scout writes a book about using music to raise 12 kids
    13. Seaton's sister, Liadan Daisy Harris gets married to Viggo Jasper Magnussen and Shepherd is the ring bearer and Nora is the flower girl
    14. Scout goes to a high school reunion. She talks about the book, the music store, and the kids
    15. Foster Benjamin Harris & Graham Nicholas Harris & Wyatt Adam Harris
    16. They adopt a 2 year old boy from Germany
    Levi Otis Harris
    17. Nathan wins MVP for his school hockey team
    18. They unexpectedly fall pregnant with a baby girl!
    Wren Elizabeth Harris
    19. They get a puppy! A female Newfoundland named Moxie
    20. They unexpectedly fall pregnant with a baby boy!
    Milo Samuel *Miles* Harris

    Seaton & Scout with Nathan, Max, Ollie & Leo & Callie & Margo, Jude, Shepherd, Nora, Hazel & Phoebe, Christian, Levi, Foster & Graham & Wyatt, Wren, and Miles with Moxie
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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    Year 1: The newlyweds move to Vancouver, Canada!

    Year 2: Twins!! The boy is "Michael" and his sister is "Stella"

    Year 3: A stray cat joins the family. The Chartreux cat is named "Leo" for his bravery and courage.

    Year 4: Rissa's older sister - Katrina - dies in a tragic accident with her husband (Chris). Their three children - all boys - are left in her care, with assistance from her parents. The eldest is six year old "Andrew", who was adopted after being found in the streets three years earlier. The eldest biological child is four year old "Myles" and the youngest is red-headed "Owen" who recently celebrated his first birthday.

    Year 5: It's been a year since the accident and the Fletcher's decide to surprise the three boys with a visit from their friends in Connecticut! The plans fall through, however, when they learn that their parents died in the same car accident as Kat and Chris. After a few visitations and the pleas of their children, the couple decides to add two more to their family. Now, Andy and Myles can call their best friends "sisters!" The twins are six - one year older than Myles, and one year younger than Andy - and are named "Katie" and "Mary".

    Year 6: Thanks to the major promotion, Daimyn surprises the family with a huge house they can use for the holidays! It's located in Hawaii.

    Year 7: Rissa decides to open her own restaurant! Her hubby, of course, fully backs her efforts, providing 90% of the necessary funds.

    Year 8: Surprise! Rissa finds out she's pregnant, and gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. They name him "Aidyn".

    Year 9: Katie, now 10, lands a lead role in a TV show!

    Year 10: That urge to adopt hits the Fletcher's once again. With the help of the kids, the family decides to adopt a two-year-old girl from the area. Her name is "Coralee".

    Year 11: Knowing fully well that Leo the cat could leave them soon, the parents adopt another kitten from the local animal shelter. The kids are overjoyed and name the beautiful Burman "Mia".

    Year 12: Woot! Michael, Myles and Andy won a hockey tournament!!

    Year 13: Rissa's eldest niece gets married! All the kids get to star in roles as bridesmaids and other roles.

    Year 14: The Fletchers are sent an invitation to a hot-shot club, and after much debate accept the offer. As it turns out, the individuals of the club have all adopted, and wish to reward the parents for their exemplary efforts in raising so many bright and beautiful children.

    Year 15: SURPRISE! It's a girl! Maybe that Psychic wasn't a fluke after all.... The newest addition is named "Charlotte".

    Year 16: Despite the newborn, Rissa manages to successfully keep her business going after all these years - almost 10!! With the help of the kids, Rissa decides to open another branch of the diner, fully decorated by the whole family.

    Year 17: During the 10th Anniversary celebration, Rissa decides to announce amazing news: she's PREGNANT!!! Half the customers gasp with shock, wondering when the two would ever stop, and Daimyn promptly faints from shock. Later that year, the TWINS arrive. The two girls are given the names "Elyssa" and "Addie".

    Year 18: Owen comes down with appendicitis. He comes out of surgery with no difficulties.

    Year 19: Time for a high-school reunion! The 25th Anniversary Reunion hits off with a blast.

    Year 20: The whole family takes not one, but TWO RVs, and travels out of Canada to explore the entirety of the United States. What better way to help the kids with living and college choices than a full-on summer trip?

    FAMILY: Year 21
    ---[47] Daimyn Thaddeus Fletcher
    ---[44] Karissa Beaumont
    [19] Michael Julius Fletcher
    [19] Stella Artemisia Fletcher
    [22] Andrew Lucas Allen (A) "Andy"
    [20] Myles Timothy Allen (A)
    [17] Owen William Allen (A)
    [21] Katie Kamala Fischer (A)
    [21] Mary Genevie Fischer (A) "Genny"
    [13] Aidyn Thaddeus Fletcher
    [13] Coralee Casandra Fletcher (A) "Cora"
    [6] Charlotte Tove Fletcher "Charlie"
    [4] Elyssa Emersyn Fletcher
    [4] Addie Monroe Fletcher
    Cat: Mia, 10

    Total: 12
    6 Adopted, 6 Biological
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    Gemma Christiana ~ Michael Declan ~ Elizabeth Verity Rose ~ Aidyn Julius ~ Stella Artemisia

    Marie - Ardyn - Eleni - Alizabeth - Emery - Grace - Louise - Emersyn - Sophea - Christine - Aerilyn - Esmae - Reverie
    Noah - Benjamin - Aidan - James - Koltyn - Tristan - Theo - Henry - Theroux - Nicolas - Maxxen - Declyn


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    West Midlands, UK
    Backstory= I, Maxine Mary McGregor, have just married my fiancé James Dashiell Peyton. We met at university and dated for just over two years before marrying the summer I turned 21 and James was 23-and-a-half. We live in Worcester, in a cosy three-bed home, where James works as a business consultant.

    Yr1: James and I are thrilled to welcome a baby girl into the world. She is born five days late weighing 7lbs 3oz, we name her Octavia Mary Peyton, she has thick dark brown hair and bright blue eyes.

    Yr2: With the help of James's mum, a qualified and experienced chef, I set up my own family-friendly restaurant.

    Yr3: With Octavia having just turned two, James and I are excited to give birth to another daughter. Our second child is again late, but only by a day, she weighs 6lbs 12oz boasting fluffy dark brown hair and blue-green eyes. We name her Elena Vivienne Peyton.

    Yr4: After chatting with the midwife at Elena's eight-month check-up, she encourages me to take a pregnancy test which I'm shocked to see comes back positive! At the hospital, the doctor confirms the pregnancy and dates me at three months already! When our girls are 3 and 1, James and I bring home our first son two and a half weeks early. He weighs 6lbs 6oz, is the spitting imagine of mummy with thick medium-dark brown hair and dark hazel eyes, we name him Atticus Herbert Peyton.

    Yr5: A friend from university calls on us for a favour one day; to film a bit for a TV show in our restaurant. When we meet to discuss the finer details it is at our family home and all the children are around somewhere, as he's leaving he spies Octavia and says she is the perfect little girl for a tiny part he's yet to cast. James and I are unsure at first but Taya shows an interest so we support her. Her part, as promised, is small but she enjoys the lights and make-up and we are all very proud of her.

    Yr6: This year my life crumbles around me when I am told that my little sister has died in a car crash. Ellie was only 24 and meant the world to me. She leaves behind my two nephews and a niece whose guardianship falls on James and I as expressed by Ellie many times. We waste no time in welcoming Greg Timothy (5 yrs old), Leighton Kai (2yrs old) and Annalise Margaret (12mnths old) into our home.

    Yr7: With the addition of three more children, we are bursting out of the seems of our starter home and James very sensibly puts plans into place to move us into a more appropriate house. We take this opportunity to move somewhere we've always wanted to live, beautiful Dorset, on the Jurassic Coast. Our new home has six bedrooms with room to expand, a large open-plan kitchen-diner-living space with a cosy family nook hidden away for rainy days and winter evenings, we also furnish a playroom appealing to all of our children but encourage them to run around in our large 2 acre garden as much as possible.

    Yr8: Having moved away, my mum feels out of touch with her grandkids and insists on coming to stay... For 5 months! By the fifth day I'm tearing my hair out with her, so after 5 months I am definitely ready to wave goodbye.

    Yr9: With the last box unpacked, our adopted nephews and niece comfortable, and everybody settled in the local area, James and I decide the time is right to try for another baby. With three boys and three girls we really don't mind the sex of this child, but to our great surprise (and joy) I find out at 18 weeks that I'm carrying one of each! I have a caesarean to get our twins out at 35weeks, our little girl is the stronger weighing 5lbs 3oz, while her brother is slightly smaller at 4lbs 11oz. We name our fourth daughter Willow Eleanore Peyton; she has fluffy medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Our fourth son we name Enzo Terry Peyton; and he has thick dark brown hair and blue eyes.

    Yr10: We get some more devastating news this year as James's 27-year-old sister is diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour and within eight months has passed away. We take in her young son, Kaden James, who is three years old.

    Yr11: James and I are involved in a car accident while driving on a slippery road one winter's night. The car rolls down a bank and stops upside down. We're both trapped inside, hurt but alive, unable to get out. After some wiggling and thrashing I manage to smash the window next to me and crawl out, I go back up onto the road where I flag down help. James had both legs trapped and fire crews take four hours to get him out before he's airlifted to hospital. All in all we are lucky to have escaped with just a few broken bones between us.

    Yr12: Having fully recovered from last years crash, James and I decide to take the children on an aid-mission to South Africa to help those less fortunate than ourselves. One of the projects there involves an orphanage-come-school and some of the children really tug at our heartstrings. Two children in particular who make a huge impact on us and our kids are 8 year old Denford Ruan, who has been looking after his three year old little sister, Lilanie Mhambi, since their mum died when she was 18months old. After spending six weeks with them we can't bear to leave them in Africa and talk about the relevant authorities about bringing them home to England. It takes a lot of time, and a lot of paperwork, but eventually Denny and Lily are part of the family.

    Yr13: Octavia breaks her arm while training for a gymnastics competition. It devastates her because she has to have a cast on for six weeks, putting her out of the competition, but gradually with help from her new siblings, she begins to see that it's not the end of the world.

    Yr14: Running around after 11 children is tiring, so I don't even notice how ill I've been until I collapse while out on a weekly shop and am rushing to hospital before I can get up and insist I'm alright. 13 year old Taya and 11 year old Lena are with me at the time, they accompany me to hospital and are with me when doctors tell me I'm pregnant... In fact I'm five months pregnant! By another C-section two months later, I welcome a daughter into the world. Taya and Lena help name her since they were the first to know, together we pick Nina Hopeful Peyton for our brown-haired, blue-eyed girl, who weighs just 4lbs 7oz.

    Yr15: As much as I don't want to, James convinces me to attend a High School reunion, 20 years after I left. It's not as painful as I thought it would be although I get a lot of shocked looks when I tell people I have twelve beautiful children between the ages of 14 and 12months.

    Yr16: I join a local Mum's club. Not a Mum-and-Child club. Just a Mum's club; where the only rule is that we cannot talk about our children. The club is for us, to indulge in what we enjoy and give ourselves some "me" time. It's one of the best things I've ever done.

    Yr17: Despite saying NO MORE KIDS... James and I notice that the children of our neighbours are appearing less and less, and when they do they seem subdued, skinny and even bruised sometimes. We contact social services who investigate and within the week have taken the children into emergency foster care and the parents into custody. We're asked if we're interested in taking on the children full time since they have no local family and the eldest has explicitly asked for us. We meet with 7 year old Phoenix Henry, 4 year old Sapphire Georgina, and their social worker and soon it is decided that James and I will formally adopt both children.

    Yr18: 9 year old Willow is very interested in drama and acting, she is involved in drama activities both inside and outside of school, and she is thrilled when she is talent spotted during a production of Annie. She is interviewed, auditioned and gets a part in the TV series being filmed locally where she is playing the youngest daughter of a man being investigated for murder.

    Yr19: I buy a puppy. I insist he is MY puppy and I name him Achilles. He is a miniature dapple Dachshund.

    Yr20: James and I buy a large holiday home in Sydney, Australia, which we maintain for the meantime with the view to one day retire to.


    James (45) and Max (42) with: Taya (20), Greg (20), Lena (18), Atticus (17), Denny (17), Leighton (17), Annie (16), Kade (14), Willow & Enzo (12), Lily (12), Phoenix (11), Sapphire (8), and Nina (7); plus Achilles (2).

    Mum and Dad =
    Achilles =
    Atticus, Denny and Leighton [And Greg when he's home from uni] =
    Lena and Annie =
    Kade =
    Willow and Lily =
    Enzo and Phoenix =
    Nina and Sapphire =

    Note: Taya moved out when she was 18.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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