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    Re: NEW! - Futuristic Family - Heaps of Kids!

    Its the year 2124. You live in SPACE. but travel frequently to your pod in the space station (yep its all possible now) floating somewhere between Earth and Venus. You and your fianc share your common space with four other couples and a single parent (male).

    What is your name? Stelmaria Lunette Keller
    Your fiancs name? Brigadoon Arthur Maxfield
    The single dad? John-Jameson Elvis Grayer
    (You said unusual names :o)! )

    You and your friends at the space station are quite close after having spent several holidays there together. Two of the couples have FOUR children each whilst the other has five. The single dad has three daughters.

    Oh, by the way what is the name of the space station? OZ

    Your next trip to MARS starts off as usual but the morning before you are set to leave your fianc comes down with the man flu so you postpone your travels for two days. That night you see on the news that a rocket ship has blown up travelling to a space station. Concerned you call up relatives of your friends and they tell you the worst. Heartbroken you and your fianc attend all funerals and hearings of wills.
    Your friend, the single dad, has left his three daughters under your care.

    What are their names?
    1.) Clarabella Lucinda-Marie Grayer
    2.) Angelina Jane-Alice Grayer
    3.) Jennaviva Rose-Annabeth Grayer

    The couple with five children have decided to name the childrens grandmother their guardian, however after being told of her beloved sons death, the grandmother has a heart attack and recovers but is in no state for looking after so many children. You feel so sorry for them that you decide to take on the five kids and have their grandmother move in with you so she can be with them.

    What are their names?
    1.) Michaelangelo Caliban Torgusson (twin)
    2.) Mortimer Carlito Torgusson (twin)
    3.) Cleo Jezebella Torgusson
    4.) Calamity Astrid Torgusson
    5.) Nebula Christobal Torgusson (boy)

    What is the grandmothers name?
    Terra Luna Stella Torgusson

    A year goes past you and your fianc have been married at MERCURY and all the children were part of the ceremony. The grandmother sadly has past away but you now have a family dog and live in a large house with 11 bedrooms!

    What is your four legged friend called? Astro-Pup

    What are the living arrangements?
    1. Mom + Dad (Stelmaria and Doon)
    2. Clarabella
    3. Angelina
    4. Jennaviva
    5. Michaelangelo 'Mikey'
    6. Mortimer 'Morty'
    7. Cleo
    8. Calamity 'Callie'
    9. Nebula 'Ned'
    10. Guest
    11. Guest

    Just as things have begun to settle down you get a phone call saying the children of the other two couples have been in a multi vehicle car crash with their guardians. The guardians from both families have been killed and so have one child from each. With the prospect of putting the kids in care the only other option, you know what you have to do. The children join your huge family.

    What are their names?
    Family 1 - triplets
    1.) Daffodil Skye Waters
    2.) Magnolia Cliff Waters
    3.) Chrysanthemum Aurora Waters

    Family 2 - one set of twins
    1.) Oklahoma Blue Carter (boy twin) 'Oakie'
    2.) Dakota Lilac Carter (girl twin) 'Kody'
    3.) Africa Crimson Carter (boy) 'Rickie'

    Only 28 you and your husband have all the children you could have ever imagined and more. Not expecting to add to your brood you are shocked when you give birth to a healthy baby girl. You name her after your mother and your husbands mother.

    Her name is: Lunabelle Demetria Maxfield 'Luna'

    Tired but happy, you are definitely done.
    You have:
    Stelmaria + Brigadoon =
    Michaelangelo 'Mikey'
    Mortimer 'Morty'
    Calamity 'Callie'
    Nebula 'Ned'
    Oklahoma 'Oakie'
    Dakota 'Kody'
    Africa 'Rickie'
    Lunabelle 'Luna'
    and our dog, Astro-pup.

    That was fun :o)

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