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Thread: Undecided

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    Re: Undecided

    River Grayson - This is my favorite of your options.
    River Chace - doesn't flow as well and I think its too much have fn and mn being words, it sounds like a sentence sometimes when put with a last name. Chace Alexander would be handsome, however.
    River Alexander - I love the mn Alexander, but both end in "er". I like Alexander Phoenix and Phoenix Alexander!
    River Phoenix: the actor?

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    Re: Undecided

    Sorry I can't support you in the choice of River. It has a very hippy vibe.

    I could deal with it as a middle name but as a first name I would choose something that looked good on a job application c.v. It would be excellent in the middle name spot as it could be considered as a last name eg River Thompson


    Alexander River nn Zander, Alexander is one of my all time favourites!

    Xavier River
    Hugo River
    Barnaby River
    Sebastian River
    Damien River
    Dorian River
    Louis River
    Andre River
    Zane River
    William River nn Billy
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Undecided

    I like River Alexander, I think that maybe choosing a more serene middle name would really make River sound even better other wise it could be too over the top.
    Maybe middlenames such as Oliver, Sebastian, Benjamin, Edward, Charles, Phinneas, Finlay, Lucius, Noah, James or even August. Lots of luck!!

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    Re: Undecided

    Ooh, I like River Holden! I'm a sucker for names with great literary references. :) I think River is a very cool name but I also agree that it makes a GREAT middle name. River Grayson is also my first choice of the middle name options you offered. Very cool.

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