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    I have just graduated college and am spending time travelling the world. I decide to go to Cayo Coco, Cuba and take in the tropical climate.

    While in Cayo Coco, Cuba, I meet a man just your age. He has also just graduated from college!! Being a name fanatic and also noticing how cute he is, I ask his name right away. His name is Maxwell George Walker but he lets me call him Max. My name is Emilia Marie Holden but I let him call me Mila.

    It turns out the man has tickets for the exact same ship to the next destination as I do! He eventually winds up joining me on my whole journey, and we hit it off. I notice how fun and smart and nice he is, and the night the travelling is over he asks you to marry him. I go home to Minnesota and get married in your hometown, Eden Prarie.

    We both want kids, tons of them! Very soon I discover you are pregnant. Surprise! Girl/Girl twins!! We decide to name them Lydia Iris Walker and Heidi Jasmine Walker

    Two years later the twins want a sibling. We oblige and our next baby is a boy born on Christmas Day! We name him Maddox Gabriel Walker

    Now the twins are three and our boy is one. The kids are still so young and we don't mean for it to happen, but nine months later our next girl shows up! We name her Poppy Imogen Walker

    Three years later the twins are six and in the first grade, the boy is four and in preschool, and our daughter is being surprisingly calm through her terrible twos. The house is a lot quieter and I desperately miss having a baby around. I beg the husband and he says yes. But we get more than I bargained for! Five times more, to be exact. The quints are born nine months later, which is a lot shorter than I need to let the shock wear off. There are two boys and three girls. Their names loosly follow a nature theme, eg. Aurora Borealis, Jasper the gemstone, Bryony the plant, Rose, the flower, Heath the land.
    Baby A: [name] Aurora Penelope Tamsin Walker
    Baby B: [name] Byron Jasper Walker
    Baby C: [name] Clara Bryony Francesca Walker
    Baby D: [name] Darcy Gwendolyn Rose Walker
    Baby E: [name] Ezra Heath Walker

    After four years, all our kids are in some kind of school. The twins are ten and in fifth grade, the boy is eight and in third grade, the girl is six and in first grade, and the quints are four and in their last year of Pre-K. We have 9 kids, but I feel like I just want one more, plus my husband wants another boy. We travel alone back to the city you met in and find the sweetest twin baby boys in an orphanage. We discover that they have an eleven-year-old brother, who we could not think of seperating from them, so we take all three back to your home. The boy's name, which he already has, is from his country of origin. The twins have no names yet but one each of their names also has to do with their country of origin. We give all the kids your surname.
    What is the boy's name? Xavier Diego Walker
    What are the twins' names? Hugo Benjamin Walker / Joaquin Lucien Walker

    We feel our family is complete with 12 kids--and fourteen people in all. But fate has another twist in store for us. After the youngest twins are one year old, I find myself pregnant with one last girl! Since this is our last child, she has 3 middle names and one of them is your middle. We name her Zoe Elena Lux Marie Walker

    Maxwell and Emilia have Xavier [age 12], Lydia and Heidi [age 11], Maddox [age 9], Poppy [age 9], Aurora, Byron, Clara, Darcy and Ezra [age 5], Hugo and Joaquin [age 1], Zoe [nb]
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

    *second star to the right and straight on till morning*


    Mummy to CTP 09.16

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