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    Recent London Telegraph Baby Names

    Well, I know Pam and Linda already did a blog post on eccentric British baby names (if you're reading this Pam or Linda, I loved it), but that was a few months ago and since then, lots more British babies have been born and named. Here are some recent name combinations to talk about:

    Sophia India (perfect!)
    Georgia Rose
    Poppy Josephine
    Scarlet Lucy
    Olivia Ellen
    Jessica Lily (this one seems so usable in America too)
    Amelia Elizabeth
    Isabella Juliet
    Flora Elizabeth Nell
    Poppy Evelyn Alexandra (pretty but the initials spell PEA)
    Alice Lucy Nina
    Alice Isabella
    Ella Martha
    Emma Jane Helen
    Rowan Christina Elizabeth
    Darcey Sophia
    Freya Vivien
    Cleo Rose

    Alastair George (my favorite)
    Toby Francis Oliver
    Montgomery John
    Samuel Edward
    Josiah Christian
    Digby David Rufus (I've heard Digby as a surname but never as a first)
    Sebastian Easton Wardlaw (is this a baby or a law firm?)
    Theodore George
    Max Edward (funny, this was the only Max I found, it's so popular here but not there)
    Oscar William Pethebridge
    Lachlan Alexander
    Laurence (I prefer this spelling to Lawrence)
    Twins Archie and Eliza (love it!)

    Now that you've seen the List, I want your feedback. Which ones are your favorite? Least favorite? Why?

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