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    Re: A sibling for Jane and Henry

    Quote Originally Posted by twinkle
    Louise Elspeth is beautiful! I hope you convince your husband ... I've fallen in love with Elspeth completely.
    This is a good combo and Elspeth dresses up Louise but I find Elspeth rather lispy.

    I would prefer Louisa and here are some combos.

    Louisa Charlotte
    Louisa Ethel
    Louisa Jane
    Louisa Caroline
    Louisa Dorothea
    Louisa Genevieve
    Louisa Marguerite
    Louisa Poppy
    Louisa Brooke
    Louisa Maeve
    Louisa Jeanette
    Louisa Jacqueline
    Claudia Louise
    Psalm 23

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    Re: A sibling for Jane and Henry

    Quote Originally Posted by rollo
    You have great naming style.




    David!! Love


    For girls

    I think that Claudia is beautiful with Jane
    Philip and Claudia! Perfection!

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    Re: A sibling for Jane and Henry

    Sorry about the absent Augustus! What about Leo Augustin, which is close to Augustus?

    I can't wait to see what you choose! :-)

    Good luck!

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    Re: A sibling for Jane and Henry

    I think Louisa is absolutely perfect! Of the other suggestions, I think Eliza and Beatrice would fit well.

    Best of luck to you! =)

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    Re: A sibling for Jane and Henry

    Well, after thinking probably too much on all these names (our other kids' names just sort of came to us), I think I've made at least a few decisions. I think Louisa is it for a girl for a first name, and I realize that probably rules out the vowel middle name, and I'm fine with that (fine with that for a boy too). We're okay with a non-L name as well -- I think I was partial to that based on the two names I already liked. My husband likes Louisa very much, and likes Leo but not as much as Louisa. I'm a little worried it may be getting trendy too, but its still our front-runner for now. So, I suppose I'm looking for the right middle name for Louisa (hopefully I can find one with personal meaning such as a family member or friend with similar name) -- my husband said NO to Elspeth -- I don't think he'll come around on that one. And I'm really still pretty open on a boy's name. If I could have an ultrasound tomorrow, I might cave and find out the sex! Some other thoughts:

    What do you all think about syllable variations? I read on some other post that 3-1-2 works well, which means a short one syllable middle name would go well with Louisa Landrum. Of course, I don't think you should abandon names you love based on a formula, but its a good place to start. We had originally chosen Louisa Kate but a family member has named their new baby Sarah Kate and she goes by that. I had thought that ruled out Kate (which I have always loved) but possibly not as a middle name only. Still, something more original (but still classic) may be in order! I'll just name a couple of short names I think are too boring or popular to use: Faye, Kay, Ann, Grace, Rose.

    As for Augustin instead of Augustus, I do like the name as well if not better, but I don't think it sounds good with our last name which is Landrum - i think our last name sounds bad with every name ending in an -in, -en, -on -- or at least its hard to say. Too much of a rhyme or something. I also like Lionel but the ending L doesn't work well with our last name.

    I'm still considering Augustus as a first name possibility, but it would be a daring choice for my family (my husband's family would relish the opportunity to have a "Gus"). Here are a few family names we've tossed around -- I'm wondering which might go best with Leo, similar or just each other:

    Charles (we've leaned against Charlie as a nickname due to popularity in our area)
    Verdis (yes, an odd one - its my dad's - he's hated it all his life!)
    Walter (nn Wally not an option due to family member, and Walt I'm not crazy about but husband is)

    Hope this isn't too long -- I've got way too many names and issues flying around my head lately! -Dana

    P.S. I love Eliza, and pushed that early on in the pregnancy, but my husband knocked it out early on . . .

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