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    Opinions, Please!

    Which of the following combinations do you prefer of the following? Any other suggestions?
    Our last name is Scottish, 2-syllables and begins with Mc****

    Everett James
    Henry Thomas (to go by Harry)
    Henry Lawrence
    Thomas Henry
    Xavier James

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Opinions, Please!

    Everett James is my favorite, but I think Henry Thomas has the best flow.

    Good Luck! :)

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    Re: Opinions, Please!

    Xavier James just jumped out at me, it is a beautiful and unusual combo. It has my vote.
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    Re: Opinions, Please!

    My vote is for Everett James... I am such a fan of Everett! I also like Henry Thomas, but prefer the nn Hank to Harry, or even just Henry on its on.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Re: Opinions, Please!

    I like Xavier!

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