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    Middle name for Grace?

    My husband and I decided on Grace for our new baby girl. However, we are debating over her middle name! We have three options as of now. Our three options are Grace Audrey, Grace Caroline, and Grace Catherine. Audrey and Caroline are names that we both love, while Catherine is a name that we both like because it is a family name. For some reason, Grace Audrey appeals to me the most, but my husband is still uncertain. Please help us decide on Grace's middle name!

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    Re: Middle name for Grace?

    Grace Audrey - just so beautiful and classic, flows well, would age brilliantly but Grace is also a very cute name for a little girl, Audrey Hepburn is a great association ... the list goes on!
    Grace Caroline - again, classics, although I think the flow is not as good as that of the other too.
    Grace Catherine - a brilliant flow, and such classics.

    My vote is for Grace Audrey, but any of your options would be lovely.

    You may also like :
    Grace Evadne
    Grace Ianthe
    Grace Elizabeth
    Grace Miriam
    Grace Daphne
    Grace Evelyn
    Grace Rosamund/Rosemary etc.
    Grace Eponine
    Grace Cosette
    Grace Colette
    Grace Enid
    Grace Pearl
    Grace Clara
    Grace Elsa/Elsie
    Grace Charlotte
    Grace Emily
    Grace Rebecca
    Grace Niamh/Neve
    Grace Orla
    Grace Una/Oona
    Grace Amanda
    Grace Amandine
    Grace Cassandra
    Grace Alexandra
    Grace Ondine/Undine
    Grace Valentine
    Grace Evangeline/Evangelina.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Middle name for Grace?

    I second Twinkle's post, and am voting for Grace Catherine. (I love Caroline, too, but when I say Grace Caroline aloud, the "Care" part of Caroline attaches to the soft C from Grace, and I hear Gray Scare-oline. With a short name like the beautiful Grace, I'd personally use a longer middle name, at least three syllables long.

    Grace Amelia
    Grace Audrina/Audriana (not the best flow...)
    Grace Adeline (Although these A names are sounding kind of off with Grace..I'm hearing Gray Sadeline here...)
    Grace Eleanor/Eleanora
    Grace Emmeline
    Grace Genevieve (Gigi could be nickname...)
    Grace Georgiana
    Grace Juliana
    Grace Josephine
    Grace Louisa
    Grace Marielle
    Grace Victoria

    Best wishes to you! :-)

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    Re: Middle name for Grace?

    I think Grace Audrey has the most energy. The others are nice, but they seem like dolls' names, really almost too nice in a suppressed way, princess-y but not in a fabulous way, very demure and behaving strictly, which may come out true or not! Catherine and Caroline are classic, which is why this makes a very classy set, but in some ways quite sedate. My idea for middle names is mostly that people don't know what they are, so whatever you feel is a good name is better than someone telling you it's not. Grace is a great first name, short and pretty and stylish and easy to recognize (a hard combo!), which she will go by, and, by itself, Caroline is actually my favorite of the middle names you have on your list.

    I am not the person with all the lists, but I do like some of the suggestions. I'll try to think of some:

    Grace Alexandra - this is very classic but in a more extraordinary tone - assertive and strong.
    Grace Adriana - close to Audrey, with flair, but still very classy.
    Grace Carolina - pronounced Caroleena - a dose more flair than Caroline with Grace.
    Grace Camille - I think Camille is pretty and should be used more!
    Grace Lucia - also like Alexandra, this sounds stronger and very able.
    Grace Avalon - a little different to mix it up; this may not suit you but I was thinking in sound terms of similarity, not genre.
    Grace Leonore - this sounds quite unique but simple, heard of, and some of the same sounds as Caroline rearranged may appeal to you.

    I don't know what last name this will go with, but again, I feel primarily that the child will be called first and last name, and the "flow" of the middle name is secondary with all of that. I also don't know if the choices you posed are family names or significant to you or your spouse. Once you narrow down a list for your particular reasons, and then post it here, we tend to offer to expand your list! That's just how it goes. I really think the names you picked to go middle with Grace in front are all good names, I think they are all a few of the very best names there are!

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    Re: Middle name for Grace?

    Thank you all for your kind words and suggestions! My husband and I have ruled out Caroline as a possible middle name. We love Caroline, but do not love it as much as the other options. Catherine is a family name which we both like, but do not love. Audrey is not a family name, but we love it. I also have to thank Twinkle. She suggested Grace Evelyn and we both love it! Now we are torn between Grace Audrey and Grace Evelyn! In addition, how do you feel about using two middle names? We were thinking of possibly using Grace Audrey Kate. Kate would be our tribute to my Aunt Catherine. What do you think? Grace Audrey, Grace Evelyn, or Grace Audrey Kate?

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