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    Re: middle name for Jude

    I hope I don't repeat any but if I do then they must good ;)

    Because Jude is a one syllable name I feel that it can handle a longer/heavier middle name.

    Jude Alexander
    Jude Cameron
    Jude Christopher
    Jude Donovan
    Jude Gabriel
    Jude Granger
    Jude Michael
    Jude Micah
    Jude Nathaniel
    Jude Sebastian
    Jude Tristan
    Jude Weston

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    Re: middle name for Jude

    To the above poster, I am also about to name my new son Jude. It was the only name both my husband and I liked. I have decided to resign myself to the fact that it is coming up the popularity charts (on the SSA site you can see it jumping a hundred places each year), but that it will likely never make the top 20. Also, don't forget that this site tends to draw people with a specific and sophisticated naming style. On name boards with a different type of namer, Jude almost never shows up.

    And as for middle names, nearly all the ones we have considered are already listed. Lots of great choices.

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