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    Kindergarten Name Game! Name These Kids!

    1. It is the first day of school and you are getting ready for your kindergarten class.
    What is the name of your school? James Madison Elementary
    What is your name? Lillian Claire (Ms. Lilley)

    2. The first 3 kids that come in the door are identical girl triplets. You are worried about telling them apart until one of them points out that the first girl has blue eyes, the next has brown and the last has green. You thank her and she runs to the block corner to play with her sisters. Their names must start with the letter that the last one ends with.
    What are their names? AlexiS Grace, SaraH Ellen and HannA Nicole (Lexy, Sarah, Hanna)

    3. Next kid to come in is a little boy. He has blue eyes and brown straight hair. He is brave and runs right to the book corner and jumps into the pillows. One of the triplets follows, jumping in after him.
    What is his name? Aiden James

    4. Next comes a carload of kids. 6 of them. 4 boys and 2 girls. Two of the boys have blond hair and brown eyes, two have red hair and green eyes. The girls look completely different from each other. One has blond hair and brown eyes and the other has dark brown hair and pale blue eyes. They seem to be best friends and run to the dressup corner. The two blond boys walk around for a bit and then they join two of the triplets in the block corner. The last two decide to split up and one goes to the book corner the other decides to color.
    What are all their names? Kevin Riley, Oliver Keith, Samuel Fred, Alexander Timothy, Nicole Hope and Madelyn Leah (Kevin, Ollie, Sam, Alex, Nikki, Madie)

    5. The next three kids to come in are also carpooling. Three girls. Two of them run to color with one of the boys and the other one clings to her mother. After her mom has to pry her off. She throws a fit. After about five minutes she calms down and runs to play with the other two girls.
    What are their names? Isabelle Anne, Emma Leah and Hailey Rose

    6. Now you have a class of fourteen and school is about to start. You are just sitting down for morning circle when nine kids come flooding through the door. WOW!!! You decide the genders.
    What are their names? Samantha Rose, Ella Daffodil, Ivie Jasmine, Olivia Miranda, Miley Cara, Riley Kyle, Jacob Aaron, Jason Lee and Carter Angelina.

    Have fun with your class!

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